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Þingeyjarsveit County
Spectacular Skjálfandafljót River
Goðafoss is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland and undoubtedly the most famous one in Þingeyjarsveit county. At least four more waterfalls on Skjalfandafljót river are certain to impress visitors but usually go unnoticed even though they‘re only a stone‘s throw away from the Ring road.All five waterfalls are in the Skjálfandafljót river which flows in a northerly direction from Vatnajökull glacier – Europe‘s largest glacier – and exits in Skjalfandaflói Bay.
Goðafoss waterfall is easily spotted from the Ring road and there‘s ample parking available on both sides of it. At Fosshóll on the eastern side there‘s a tourist information office, fuel station, grocery store, restaurant, handcraft market and a guesthouse. The river majestically cascades 17 meters from a horse shoe shaped rim into a ravine of volcanic origin. The waterfall is accessible from both sides of the river which presents a great opportunity for photographers to capture its essence any time of the day. An ancient legend explains the name of the waterfall.

Chieftain Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði converted to from the heathen custom Ásatrú to Christianity in the year 1000. On his return from Iceland‘s national assembly – Alþingi – he gathered his heathen icons and threw them into the waterfall. Hence the waterfall‘s name in English – Waterfall of the Gods.
Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is the most awesome waterfall in the Skjálfandafljót River. Black vertical and bent columnar basalt formations form the backdrop for this amazing sight which never fails to impress.  Late afternoon in summer is the best for photography. The waterfall is 40 km south of Goðafoss and can be reached in a normal car along route 842 from June until the first snow in the autumn. From Goðafoss follow the road along the west bank of Skjalfandafljót River past the farm called Mýri where the road makes a sharp left hand turn. Let yourself through a gate but make sure you close it behind you to prevent animals from wandering off.  Ingvararfoss waterfall is about 700 meters upstream from Aldeyjarfoss and can only be reached on foot. Hrafnabjargafoss waterfall is one of the hidden secrets of Þingeyjarsveit County and is found a few kilometres further south in the same river. From Aldeyjarfoss continue to drive along the same road you came in on (842). This road changes into a tertiary road, F-26, a so-called Fjallvegur or mountain road which is only accessible in summer. Continue until you get to a fence that leads down the hill to Íshólsvatn lake on your right hand side. Drive or hike in the opposite direction of the lake, alongside the fence until you‘ll reach the river where you‘ll find Hrafnabjargafoss waterfall.
Barnafoss waterfall is in a 100 meter deep ravine. From Goðafoss drive along the Ring road in the direction of Akureyri. Turn north along route 85 for 2-3 km and look for sign on the right hand side saying Fremstafell which is the name of an abandoned farm. From there follow a track for 3-4 km which in summer is suitable for larger sedans, and 4x4 vehicles.

Tourist information regarding, waterfalls, local handcrafts, fishing, accommodation and activities are readily available at Fosshóll tourist information centre at Goðafoss waterfall.

Fosshóll Tourist Information
Fosshóli • 641 Húsavík by Goðafoss
  +354 464 3322

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