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Chocolate taken to new levels

Café Mika
If you enjoy European chocolate, Café Mika will set your taste buds awhirl hand-made pralines, created with delicious high quality chocolate as you sip your coffee. Made without additives, their taste is totally different from the mass-produced varieties. This rare treat is something you will want to savour longer, so you can stock up from the ever-growing range that Mika is creating and take home a box. They can last up to 3 months - but you only if you have an iron will or a huge stock for them to survive that long! If you’re the sharing type of person, you will want to buy him out! Actually, companies will be able to make a special order with their company logo on them after the summer is over. Now you know what to ask your boss for Christmas!

Mika is not only a chocolatier but an innovative chef as well. Since you have no doubt built up a healthy appetite on your tour, a good meal is in order! Mika uses locally-produced ingredients in his dishes and has a langoustine speciality. This is a small lobster that has much better texture and flavour than its larger cousin. Mika may be experimenting with one of his sauces, giving you a new taste to your palate. You just have to try his langoustine with chilli glaze and white chocolate sauce! For dessert there are, of course, chocolates and ice cream and here, too, Mika offers delicious creations, with a varied range of tastes and textures to tempt your pallate.

A wide range of snacks and meals are available in Café Mika in the new Bjarkahóll, all home-made to a high quality, so don’t be surprised if you are asking your tour guide to delay departure!

Café Mika
Skólabraut 4 • 801 Reykholt
+354 896 6450
- on Facebook

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