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Elegance in Tranquility
A celebration, an event, a conference or simply a desire for a break from the norm - whatever the reason, finding the ideal location that projects the standard you seek can be quite a challenge. There are many options and countries to choose from.

However, if you want something different that will be remembered, it really has to be exceptional. A trip to Iceland certainly fits that category, but if you want to impress or simply enjoy an elegant lifestyle whilst surrounded by spectacular but tranquil beauty, a stay in one of the towns or cities would not meet your desires - even in Iceland! A 45 minute car drive will take you out of all urban areas and into a natural wilderness of pristine beauty. To enjoy it would, until recently, have required a tent and sleeping bag, however. Not quite what you were after!  With a vision to bring luxury accommodation to the breathtaking Icelandic countryside, along with a high class restaurant, an international menu and wine list, Ólafur Laufdal and Kristín Ketilsdóttir built a group of spacious and finely-appointed houses by the river Sog and close enough to the Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park to enjoy its beauty and visit its unique sights, without being disturbed by other visitors. The exceptional beauty and features that made the Park a World Heritage site extend to the surrounding area, making this truly a memorable place to spend a holiday or hold an event.

When you want to do more than relax, there are opportunities for trout and salmon fishing, two 18-hole and three 9-hole golf courses, guided tours or personal trips to the many famous sights and horse riding centres.
This is like having your own house, fully furnished and equipped, with the option of either making your own meals or dining at the reasonably-priced restaurant. Whether you just want to enjoy the view from the comfort of your lounge or from the hot tub or take a walk in the nature to enjoy the wildlife and birds, this is a serene location that you will find to be reinvigorating and relaxing. In summer, the late night sun casts a heavenly glow and in the winter, the Northern Lights dance across the clear night skies.
The restaurant is open to both guests and visitors. Small and exclusive, it can seat 60 diners in comfort. The menu includes a wide range of traditional Icelandic courses and home-made breads and pastries, baked on site for optimum freshness.
Booking may be made online, by phone or email. Ólafur and Kristín live on site and are available to make your stay the best it can be - you only have to ask!

Ásborgir 30 • 801 Selfoss
+354 555 7878

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