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Surf Iceland’s South Coast
Fun, affordable and fantastic Iceland Activities of Hveragerði
Iceland Activities is one of only three companies in the whole of Iceland to offer this sport that is, let's face it, a rare phenomenon indeed in this arctic island nation. The south coast of Iceland offers endless possibilities for surfers, from novices to the more experienced, who are passionate about catching the waves. In summer especially, the water temperature is not as cold as you might think...and for beginners, Iceland Activities can provide an experienced surfing instructor as well as all the equipment you need, at very reasonable prices.

Iceland Activities is based in Hveragerði, the small greenhouse town just 45 km from Reykjavik and one of the most active geothermal areas of the country. With 20 years experience in Hveragerði behind them, Iceland Activities offers many exciting tours from 2 hours to all day tours—hiking tours, bike tours, bike rentals and group activities that are perfect for all levels of ability. ‘Your pace is our pace’ is a company motto.

Set your own pace - Iceland by Bike
Exploring Iceland by bike is a healthy and enjoyable way to explore Iceland on your own. Iceland Activities rents quality bikes from anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days or longer, and comes complete with bicycle helmet, maps and suggested itinerary. Iceland Activities will even deliver your bike right to your hotel, guest house or campground, (for those staying in Hveragerði and surrounding areas).  Guided hiking, biking and walking tours in and around Hveragerði and the Hengill Geothermal area are rated from easy to strenuous and suitable for all ages. You ride over 1,100 year-old sheep paths high up in the mountains that criss-cross this magnificent volcanic area and then take a dip in a geothermally-heated river. A memorable way to experience Iceland's very special mid-summer midnight sun for the whole family!

Hotsprings around Hveragerði Tour
Not many towns around the world can boast a geothermal area right in their own backyard. Iceland Activities offers an exclusive guided bike tour in and around Hveragerði and then takes you to observe the new geothermal park that was created by an earthquake in 2008! Have fun boiling eggs in one of the many hot springs and end the day at the Hveragerði swimming pool.
Iceland Activities
Iceland Activities is a family company that has extensive experience, over 20 years, of the surrounding area of Hveragerði. Our goal is to take you out of the main tourist areas and into Icelands unique nature and show you all the remarkable things that make Iceland so amazing. We offer various tours ranging from two hours up to a day trip, many of our tours are also available in the evening. Iceland Activities is located in Hveragerði, the Icelandic capital of hot springs. Hveragerði is 45 km east of the capital Reykjavík  (30 minutes drive).

Hike and Bike Tours

Healthy and fun way to explore Hveragerði, Hengill geothermal area and the volcanic surroundings with experienced guides. The area is famous for hot springs and multiple contrast lava formations in untouched nature. You will witness nature's extremes, ranging from small gurgling hot springs to vibrant super heated pools of water and steam. You will see old volcanic craters, historical places and perhaps end the day trip by taking a dip into a geothermal river and enjoy the sounds of nature in magnificent mountain environment. 


Battle the waves and watch the curious seals swim by in the North Atlantic ocean. 10 km long black sandy beach with great waves, it is a fantastic chilling experience – for beginners and experienced surfers.

Bike rental

Explore Hveragerði and its near surroundings on your own time and pace around south Iceland. We have prepared a map with preferred places to visit and stay over night from one to several days trip. This is a unique way to travel Icelands south coast.                                       
Group Activities
We offer fun games for small and big groups. Where the group is divided up to work together and solve challenges to defeat the opponent. The day will end by swinging over a waterfall in a monkey swing or some rock gliding/climbing.

‘Your pace is our pace’ is the company motto

Iceland Activities
Mánamörk 3-5 • 810 Hveragerði

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