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Romantic Hotel Bláfell of East Iceland

An Oasis in East Iceland
Ever since the days when tourism to Iceland was in its infancy in the 1980s, Hotel Bláfell has been a traditional stop for travellers around the country and known as a place where you can get a good night's sleep or a hearty Icelandic meal. Located in the small town of Breiðdalsvík, on Iceland's east coast, Hotel Bláfell is a welcome oasis after a long day of driving, hiking or exploring the wonders of Iceland's amazing east coast. Constructed of pine logs from Finland, the hotel's interior is reminiscent of an alpine ski lodge and the cheerful log fire that often roars in the central fireplace gives the hotel a cosy romantic charm. It’s the perfect setting in which to end a wonderful day of hiking, taking an area excursion or after an invigorating stroll along the beach. Soak away tired muscles in the hotel's sauna, curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book from the library or just gaze into the relaxing fire. 

The restaurant is well known for its lunch specialties such as fish casserole, seafood soup, Icelandic lamb soup, home-baked bread and apple cake, as well as a tempting cheese cake made from Icelandic skyr. The hotel prides itself on its traditional Icelandic cuisine, using mostly local ingredients in all its dishes—even hand-picked blueberries from the nearby mountain slopes! The restaurant can seat up to 150 guests, catering to individuals who casually drop in for cake and coffee, intimate dinners for 2 or buffet dinners for large and small groups and special occasion dinners.

Get yourself a good night's rest
Hotel Bláfell offers 25 standard and deluxe rooms, all with private bath, TV and telephone. A wireless Internet connection is available in the common areas. Outside of the June-August high season, please check the hotel website listed below for special offers. The area around the hotel offers a variety of natural attractions and activities year-round. In summer, it’s a bird watcher's paradise; there are popular marked hiking trails into the mountains that surround Breiðdalur or you might like to try your hand fishing for salmon or trout on one of three beautiful fishing rivers: the Breiðdalsá, Tinnudalsá or Norðurdalsá. Autumn is an ideal time to pick blueberries, bilberries or crowberries which proliferate on the surrounding hills or to spot reindeer foraging for food at lower elevations before they head back to the hills and the mating season begins.

Hótel Bláfell
Sólvöllum 14  • 760 Breiðdalsvík
+354 475 6770

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