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Langaholt Guest House looks out over Faxaflói bay on the southern side of the Snæfellness Peninsula. In summer, Arctic Terns preside over the landscape and to the west, Snæfellsjökull perches on the horizon, providing guests with quintessential post-card views of this mysterious glacier-topped mountain.

Owner/manager Þorkell, or Keli as he likes to be called, says that the guest house has been in his family since 1978. Today, most operations of Langaholt Guest ho592use, camping site and 9-hole golf course are all overseen by members of Keli's extended family. And while certainly coming close to hotel status with its spacious accommodation and á la carte restaurant, Keli prefers nevertheless to retain the true character of a country guesthouse with a warm and inviting atmosphere, where guests can feel at home.

The restaurant employs a couple of top notch chefs who specialise in a variety of fish & seafood dishes. Using the freshest possible trout and salmon from nearby rivers, the cod, catfish, monk fish, halibut or plaice come straight from the fishermen on Breiðafjord and Faxaflói Bays. “I never know exactly what is going to be on the day's menu - it really just depends on what the fishermen bring in that day”, Keli explains. Fish stock, patés and several types of bread and cakes are all made on site.

The restaurant is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm and travellers are welcome to stop in for a hearty breakfast or enjoy a delicious bowl of fresh seafood soup served with home-made bread for lunch. Relax with glass of wine or a cold Icelandic beer while perusing the á la carte menu in the evening, which offers starters, main courses and deserts.

Langaholt Guest House is centrally located on the south coast of Snæfellsness Penninsula, 89 km from Borganes and 164 km from Reykjavik. Well situated for exploring the wonders of the area, activities such as horse riding, whale watching, bird life, hiking tours and fishing are just some of the possibilities.

Welcome to Langaholt Guest House!

Ytri-Garðar • 356 Snæfellsbær
+354 435 6789

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