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The Harbour Restaurant

Höfnin - Eating as an Experience
Iceland is the land of the unexpected and contrasts. Who, for instance, would imagine a high quality restaurant would be tucked away on the harbour front in a converted fishermen’s building, just a 5 minute stroll from the new glass and steel Harpa concert hall?
A top award-winning father-son team of chefs wanted to bring character to dining. The Harbour Restaurant embodies the spirit of the Icelandic seafarers from whom the family descends, in a warm, comfortable ambience. Recognising the need for a restaurant in downtown Reykjavik that brings together both character and class, providing ‘Cordon Bleu’ levels of cuisine at reasonable prices, Brynjar, his wife, Elsa and son, Logi teamed up to make a dining experience that is simply outstanding, supported by excellent service from their staff.  This is borne out by comments left on

Cooking for Excellence

When two master chefs cook your dinner, you can be sure of something special. Brynjar and Logi really deliver in beautifully presented dishes, meals that have been thought through, with each ingredient designed to complement the others. Traditional Icelandic foods, cooked using the ‘slow food’ method in a traditional style in a unique setting. This is the experience that they want to bring to everyone, old and young alike, individuals, families or groups.

I was treated to a salmon steak that was so tender and soft, a beautiful colour complementing an absolutely amazing taste as the fish just seemed to melt in my mouth. Whether with seafood, fish, lamb, beef, chicken or duck, the vegetables Brynjar and Logi like to use are local organic foods whenever possible. Their cooking style is also health-conscious. For instance, no flour is added to the soups or sauces for thickening but they are allowed to mature naturally. Every dish clearly demonstrates the cooking prowess that led them each to receive a gold award in international competitions.

The deserts are equally mouth-watering! I tried the carrot cake with whipped cream cheese sauce, carrot sorbet and nuts. I’ve tried many a carrot cake, some like lead and some better but this cake was like the sorbet - it just melted in the mouth. As one would expect from such culinary masters, there is a wine list to suit each item on the menu beautifully, along with a range of coffees and teas to round out a very enjoyable lunch or dinner.

Throughout the summer months, tables are set up outside on the waterfront, for 50 people in addition to the 90 seats inside, so diners can enjoy the view of the harbour and watch as the sun slowly dips towards the bay, turning the mountains to gold and filling the sky with a heavenly light that matches the dining experience perfectly!

The restaurant is open from 11.30 am to 10 pm at night - or later, depending on the diners.

Geirsgata 7C • 101  Reykjavík 
+354 511 2300

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