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Where Does That Fish Come From?
The rougher the sea, the better the fishing! Around the Reykjanes peninsula are some very rough seas.
The number of shipwrecks is testament to that fact! However, you can take a trip to see how it’s done without leaving the comfort of your chair - and relish the freshness in the most exquisite seafood soup you have ever tasted!

Stakkavík is unique in showing visitors all the steps from the time the fishing boat prepares to leave harbour to catch the fish until you eat the freshly-landed and freshly-cooked catch in the form of a delicious bowl of seafood soup. In their Grindavík visitor centre, you can view a film in the comfort of their dining lounge as you enjoy that soup! This video is fascinating for all ages as it shows all that goes into the fishing, from start to finish. On board, you see the lines being prepared and baited. You see scenes filmed underwater, showing the fish deciding their own fate! Following the video, visitors can see how the fish is prepared once it is landed from a special platform overlooking the processing area, where it is boned, prepared and packed, ready to be flown out on the afternoon flight daily to Europe and the USA, where it can be on diners’ plates for lunch the following day! The difference between the fresh fish and frozen fish is in its quality, texture and taste. Once you have tasted the fresh fish, you will be hooked! Not only do you get to see the whole process, but you can learn about the different ways to cook the fish that make it so full of flavour, whether fried, steamed, baked or boiled. This is a great visit for everyone who loves good food and would like to see how it gets to them. The reputation for freshness that Stakkavík possesses cannot be beaten!

And those rough seas? You can see actual film that will forever make you thankful for the fishermen! Even though a well-built harbour has been constructed, those seas may seem like scenes from ‘The Perfect Storm’ outside its walls at times!


Bakkalág 15b • 240 Grindavík
+354 420 8000

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