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Baked in the hot springs!
Kaffi Klettur brings refreshment to the Golden Circle
Heading out to Geysir and Gullfoss, you’ve been driving for awhile and could do with a break! Coming to Reykholt, there’s the ideal place to stop and experience a delicious meal made from locally-produced ingredients in the most delightful wooden ‘Christmas House’, surrounded by a copse. In fact, during the Christmas period, the lights on the house bring an old traditional charm to it, making it look like it comes straight from a Christmas card!

Cosy and warm amid the winter snows, it is transformed in summer to an ideal place to eat outside, surrounded by green trees and grass, as you relax over a delicious meal on the veranda, under the warmth of the sun, sheltered from the wind by the surrounding trees.
No matter how romantic or beautiful the house or its situation, it’s the food by which the restaurant is judged. Here Steinunn and her family excel! Whilst an international cuisine is available, this is the place to try traditional Icelandic food in its natural surroundings! Whether lamb or freshly-caught trout or salmon from the nearby Tunguflot river, garnished with locally-grown vegetables and potatoes, you’ll enjoy the Icelandic cuisine. Make sure you try the delicious rhubarb pie for desert!
All the food is prepared according to the ‘Slow Food’ or ‘Fair Trade’ philosophy, whereby the farmer receives his fair pay for the products he produces, the cooks receives fair pay for their work and the diner receives fair pay in the form of fresh, locally-produced organic food, prepared to perfection.

When it comes to snacks, everything is home-baked. Steinunn’s kleinur are so popular, they are shipped all over Iceland! The smell of freshly-baked bread, baked in the hot spring on the hill above the restaurant, is enough to stimulate the taste buds in the surrounding area. The springs are what give Reykholt its name - ‘Smokey hill’, as the steam can be seen for miles around, rising high into the sky.
You may be fortunate enough to visit when one of the cultural events is taking place, drawing people from all over the South area. Whether it’s ghost stories or comedy stories, it’s uniquely Icelandic in nature. Popular amongst the Icelanders, Steinunn sings special psalms - put to different words, drawn from the heritage of the Biskupstungur area. Whilst the choir had to sing well in the church, the singers had to practice at home - or in the cow shed, while milking the cows! Feeling that it would not be appropriate to sing psalms in the cow shed, they put different words to the songs to ensure they practiced well! However, these songs would certainly not be considered appropriate in the church!

Kaffi Klettur is open every day in summer and for groups and every weekend in winter. If you like to eat food fresh from the fields or the river and you’re in the Reykholt area, this is a meal not to miss! No booking is needed! If you have a camper or tent, there is a sheltered campsite on the property with all the services, giving you the freedom to enjoy the surrounding nature, river and mountains. With your meals available from Kaffi Klettur, you won’t have to worry about what to cook!  It is very easy to find both the restaurant and campsite. When you come into Reykholt, simply turn right just past the petrol station and it is right there on your left.

Kaffi Klettur

Skólabraut 1 • 801 Reykholti
+354 486 1310

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