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ATV-Adventures in Grindavík
A Quad-bike Trip to the Moon
Although exploring foreign landscapes through the window of a moving car and the occasional stop can be quite efficient and comfortable, there is really nothing which compares to scaling volcanic craters and speeding across sandy beaches on a quad-bike! ATV-Adventures in Grindavík offer you that unique chance through practical and thrilling tours on the volcanic landscapes of the Reykjanes peninsula.

Being the ‘youngest’ part of Iceland and the upper-most part of the North-Atlantic ridge, the Reykjanes peninsula is abundant with geological wonders and splendid landscapes, including immense lava fields, hot springs, multi coloured landscapes and, the most famous of all, the Blue Lagoon. All of which you can explore in the wide array of tours ATV-Adventures has on offer.

Make the Most of Your Last Day in Iceland

The practical aspect of ATV-Adventures is the ability to combine excitement with the often tedious logistics of travelling. Instead of having to arrange different modes of transport for each activity, ATV offers you a pick-up at your hotel in Reykjavik or Keflavik and several options for further activities the same day. A popular choice is to make the most of your last day in Iceland with a car waiting for you and your luggage at your hotel in the morning, then some adrenaline pumping quad-biking, then winding up in the Blue Lagoon while ATV safely stores your luggage before finally heading off to the airport in the afternoon.

Alien and Foreign Landscapes
The tours include the compact Panorama Tour, which takes you up a hard mountain path for some splendid views and a ride along the coastline with stops at the various shipwrecks. The Lava Beach Tour goes further into the culture and history of the area in two hours and explores the lives of the local fishermen in the past. The Trip to the Moon tour takes you for a three-hour ride on top of a relatively recent lava field, so recent that vegetation has yet to get a foothold on it and smoke actually steams up from underneath, an alien and foreign landscape for sure – hence the name. The tour also includes a stop at a hot spring which rumours say is haunted, an old lighthouse, a look into a volcanic crater and a chance to pick up a lava rock that feels actually still warm to the touch. The 6-7 hour Volcanic Safari offers you the chance to see all of Reykjanes’ most dramatic locations in one exciting trip that includes the birdlife in the area, lunch down by the docks in the fishing town of Grindavík, the multi-coloured landscapes of Vigdísarvellir and all of the activities in the other tours.

Safety First

ATV places special emphasis on safety and quality equipment in their tours. All of the tour guides are required to complete strenuous safety and first-aid courses and the company works closely with the local rescue team to map out all possible safety scenarios. All the quad-bikes are specially built for two persons, which means both riders are fully insured.

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