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Cinema No. 2
One of Iceland‘s Most Original Movie Theatres
In the renovated loft of an old fisherman‘s hut down by the Old Harbour, you‘ll find one of Iceland‘s most original movie theatres, named Cinema No. 2. There you can catch unique films, made especially by Cinema No. 2, which capture the essence of Iceland‘s nature and people in a unique way.
The people behind Cinema No. 2 are all veteran cinematographers who have accumulated decades of experience and footage which make their pieces a delight to watch. A popular film is aptly named The Eruption!, which follows the world-famous volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull. The film is set to an atmospheric soundtrack composed especially for the film and includes incredible aerial footage and breath-taking ground shots which make for a stirring experience. Cinema No. 2 films generally don‘t follow the standard documentary traditions and focus more on feeling and experience rather than simply showing and telling.
Other films cover topics such as the secluded and beautiful Þórsmörk, the great Þingvallavatn lake, the unusually shaped lava formations of Dimmuborgir and the history of volcanic eruptions in Mount Hekla since the late 1950‘s.

The cinema hall used to be the loft of an old baiting shack, but has now been restored to modern standards, while keeping the old atmosphere alive. The hall has the original creaky floorboards, you‘ll see the same unadorned crossbeams in the ceiling and the staircase railing is even made from rope from the original baiting shack.

The cinema schedule should suit most visitors easily. During the winter months there are daily shows every weekday, but as of May 15th the movie showings are starting daily at 12:15, focusing on shorter pieces, making for a welcome breather during a busy day of exploring the city and harbour. The last showing of the day starts at 20:00 and lasts for two hours, making it a perfect way to spend a cosy evening in a genuine fishing hut watching genuine Icelandic films. Cinema No. 2 can also arrange for special screenings for groups of ten or more.

Cinema No. 2
Geirsgata 7B/ Verbúð 2  •  101 Reykjavík
+3548986628  / +354 857 3001

Myndir : “Eldgos Eyjafjallajokull M -1889M“  tók Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson,  aðrar tók Valdimar Leifsson.

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