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The Old Harbour in Reykjavik

 A Bustling Scene of Art, Food and Shopping
The old harbour in Reykjavik is getting close to being a hundred years old and has seen many a ship come in filled to the brim with fish. With the advent of the modern age, the fisheries and shipyard have slowly been finding new homes. But this is no sad occasion.

Over the last few years, the Old Harbour has been changing into a bustling neighbourhood where a group of industrious individuals decided to renovate the old fishermen’s huts to recharge this historic area, while honouring the old maritime traditions. Today, a stroll down to the Old Harbour could keep you busy for an entire day. There, you‘ll find amongst other things, delicious seafood restaurants, whale- and bird-watching tours, innovative and stylish designs, a documentary cinema hall, crafts and souvenirs and a cosy coffee shop. But above all, you’ll find that the docks are full of life again.

The charm of the Old Harbour speaks for itself; the ocean, the boats, the view and the smell, - not to mention the occasional old fishermen who still visit their old home, sitting down for a cup of coffee and sharing tales of the sea. The plan was to tear down the old fishermen’s huts and erect more modern and efficient buildings down by the harbour but thankfully, that was rejected and a plan made instead to reinvigorate the area. The twenty or so businesses owners who are now down by the Old Harbour didn’t think twice when the chance came to open up shop in this unique location. Now it is a tight-knit community of highly motivated individuals, where everyone is working together towards a common goal – that of making the Old Harbour a better place. You can almost feel the sense of community in the air while you work your way through their shops. They all seem like age-old friends who are more than willing to accept you into their group for a day.

  1. Volcano House    
  2. Krua Thai    
  3. Sjósigling
  4. Icelandic Fish & Chips    
  5. Höfnin Restaurant    
  6. Café Haïti    
  7. Viking loft    
  8. Cinema 2    
  9. Sjóhatturinn
  10. Sædís    
  11. Galleri Dunga    
  12. Sægreifinn - Sea Baron    
  13. Sushismiðjan
  14. Hamborgara búllan
  15. Life of Whales
  16. Elding
  17. Special Tours
  18. Puffin Scooters
  19. Christina

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