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Puffin tours
Puffins or Sea Parrots
One of the most peculiar and interesting inhabitants of Iceland is undoubtedly the colourful puffin and what better way to get to know this ‘sea parrot’ or ‘clown of the ocean’ than to visit Puffin Island? And as you surely know by now, Iceland was built more or less on the fish and the ocean, so what better way to experience what this country is all about than to go out to sea, catch your own fish, cook and eat them on the way back to shore? It just so happens that Puffin and Sea Angling Tours can provide you with both options.

Free Mussel Soup
If you are in Reykjavik, the Puffin tour is, of course, a must. It only takes little more than an hour, is reasonably priced and you get a delicious serving of mussel soup included in the price. But the true reward is seeing the iconic puffin in his home territory on Lundey. Taking care not to disturb him, the ship captain turns off the boat engines when you’re up close to the island, giving you ample time to take in the sights and sounds – and of course, unique photo opportunities.

Naturally, the puffins are not the only inhabitants of the island; they share it with the gannet, the largest seabird in the North Atlantic, the Arctic Tern, which migrates further than any bird on earth and the Fulmar. You can count yourself lucky that you stay on the boat because if you get to close to a Fulmar and its nest, he would spit a vomit-like substance on you which has such a foul odour that it would stay with you for days! The tour guides include a marine biologist so you can be sure to get full detailed information on the birdlife in Faxaflói Bay.

Catch your Own Meal

The sea angling tour is the perfect chance to get up close to Iceland’s oldest industry. On an 18 metre fishing boat you’ll set sail out to the Faxaflói Bay looking for suitable thriving fishing grounds and once there, you’ll bait your line and try your luck at fishing. In fact, luck isn’t really a deciding factor since the tour has a 100% success rate so far. It’s just a matter of how many will be caught on the tour.

The real beauty of the Sea Angling tour is that the skilled staff will help you prepare and cook the catch of the day while you are sailing back to shore. There are really few experiences more satisfying than sitting on the deck of a ship appreciating a beautiful view cruising home while enjoying a meal you yourself caught. And the fish don’t get any fresher than that!

Among the types of fish you can expect to catch are cod, haddock, pollock, whiting, sometimes even halibut and the hideous catfish, which is actually quite delicious despite its fearsome appearance.
Puffin and Sea Angling Tours vessel, named Christina, comes equipped an indoor dining area, bathroom and outside viewing decks. All you need to bring is weather-appropriate clothing and a camera.

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