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Golfing in the Dales
After farming for over 44 years, first with his father and laterith his son, Bjarni, with his wife, Sigrún, found that the milk farm was getting too much for them to handle as they grew older. They were faced with a choice: retire and quit or…pioneer something new. Having been in the forefront of new developments in the area all their lives, they decided to take a big step into the unknown. They sold their livelihood and poured their lives into a bold new idea. They built a golf course on their farm in the beautiful Reykholtsdalur. Then they built a club house and restaurant for the golfers to relax in, with massage facilities and a jacuzzi. The restaurant also has excellent facilities for small conferences and meetings (up to 60 people). Breakfast is also offered in the restaurant, if reserved in advance.

Golf is a popular sport and golfers are always looking for new courses to play and challenge their skills. Iceland is becoming increasingly known as an interesting location to play. The par 70 course is enjoyable for anyone interested in the sport, regardless of their skill level. They converted two of the houses on the farm into a guesthouse for both made-up bed and sleeping bag accommodation, with bathing and cooking facilities in each house. It is open all year for travellers to enjoy each season’s special features. The area provides a lovely place to relax in. This is a very central location from which to enjoy the beautiful nature, with its waterfalls and hills and the rich historical sites of the entire Borgarfjörður area. Practically next door is Snorrastofa, the medieval culture centre in Reykholt, with its library and fascinating museum. Now, less than 2 hours from Reykjavik, is a 9-hole golf course, complete with putting green and driving range for all the world to enjoy, the result of Bjarni and Sigrún’s tenacity and vision. Their positive energy and optimism is an inspiration to everyone who visits. You can find them by following the road no. 518 to Reykholt.

Nes in Reykholtsdal (Bjarni Guðráðsson and Sigrún Einarsdóttir)
Reykholt • 311 Borgarnesi
+354 435 1472  / +354 893 3889

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