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SaltyTours of Reykjanes Peninsula

Touring with Passion
From the looks of the many beaming reviews that SaltyTours has been getting recently, it seems like this is one tour company in Iceland that you might not want to miss.

Operating comfortable coaches and mini buses, SaltyTours owner, Þorsteinn, is a true Icelander, full of passion and details about Iceland that he communicates in effortless English, full of wit and sparkle. A long time resident of the Reykjanes Peninsula, Þorsteinn has conceived the Plant Your Own Tree in Iceland Tour which has been a huge hit among his fans. If you prefer a bit of spontaneity in your travels, this tour unquestionably meets the criterion. The tour heads out in one of 3 possible directions, depending on weather conditions and the inspiration of your driver. After choosing a small tree from a local plant nursery, you are off to carefully plant your darling little sapling, somewhere in Iceland that needs trees...;) #permission granted to leave in the smiley face! ‘And every time you come back to Iceland you can visit your tree’, says Þorsteinn with a twinkle in his eye.

With so many choices in Iceland all vying for one's attention, SaltyTours ‘Grand Volcano and Lava Circle Tour’ also piqued my interest because it takes you right around the peninsula and finishes at the Blue Lagoon, another favourite spot of mine. Reykjanes Peninsula is enchanting in all weather but it is possibly even more beautiful on those days when the mist rolls over the mossy lava, adding even more drama to its already other-worldly persona.

And I leave you with this quote from one of SaltyTours happy customers, writing in Trip Advisor, who sums up his experience this way: 
“Considering that the Reykjanes area is between the international airport at Keflavik, and the city of Reykjavik, most visitors tear straight through it and have no idea how incredibly interesting it is. As far as I'm aware, SaltyTours offers the best means of exploring the area with someone who is passionate about the place and can communicate that to his clients.

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