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Bring Out the Vikings!
Viking Loft
Iceland, the Land of the Vikings. Wouldn’t it be neat to dress like a Viking? It would be sensational at work or at a party! There is only one shop that makes and sells authentic Viking clothing, located in one of the green-painted buildings at the harbour, right in the centre of Reykjavik.

These are sexy, raw clothes that bring out the Viking in you! They have a style all their own made with comfortable material! These unique clothes can also be made to order for children of all ages.
However, the Viking Loft also takes the style of the Vikings and brings it up to date in a line of fashionable women’s clothes: sweaters, shawls, hats, vests - truly one-off items.

Icelandic wool keeps you comfortable at a constant temperature. The wool has two layers, one soft and so cosy and the other, rougher and practically waterproof. Together, they provide a material that breathes, yet insulates, totally naturally. The wool is woven by a weaver in the old town of Vík on the south coast. The shawls complement the sweaters beautifully and are available in white, black or stunning purple. A pendant, made from Icelandic pearl - Djupalónsperlu completes the ensemble, hanging on a fine leather necklace and enclosed by a delicate silver wire cage.

The Viking Loft
Geirsgata 7A • 101 Reykjavík
+354 862 1082

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