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Sjóhatturinn Souvenirs

The Little Shop with a Big Heart
You will find the essence of Iceland in the Sjóhatturinn (The Sea-Hat) souvenir shop. This family-run business actively scours the country in search of innovative and interesting crafts and souvenirs straight from the source.
Husband and wife, Garðar and Brynja, opened the store just three years ago in the same old fisherman’s hut where Garðar used to bait lines. The hut’s original character and feel have been preserved and old fishermen who worked there frequently gather in the shop’s lounge, overlooking the harbour to exchange tales from the sea.

Down to the Grassroots
Garðar and Brynja’s ambition is to offer as wide a selection of interesting crafts and souvenirs as possible. “We leave no stone unturned in our search. We stop at every single farm and craft house to see what the people are doing. We talk to old fishermen and whalers, farmers, painters, potters, knitters - everyone who is creating something which captures the essence of Iceland. We get right down to the grassroots and thus our products are as authentic as possible. We want to be able to tell our customers where they come from, who made them and how,” says Brynja.
All wool sweaters in Sjóhatturinn are knitted in Iceland and each comes with a special label identifying who knitted it, so you know you’re buying an authentic Icelandic wool sweater. Sjóhatturinn also offers affordable, quality outdoor clothing from Icewear to keep you warm both here and at home.

Unique Selection of Bird Memorabilia
Sjóhatturinn offers a wide selection of bird memorabilia – especially the colourful puffin. They have their own taxidermist who supplies them with stuffed puffins you can take home. Garðar and Brynja are more than happy to reserve one and send it to you. They also search for quality bird wood carvings and offer a selection that is hard to find elsewhere.
Other items include yarn, which a mother from Northern Iceland makes from her own sheep’s wool; ceramic bowls made by the disabled; hand-made Icelandic Santa Claus and trolls; jewellery made from lava rocks, fish skin products, books, Icelandic cosmetic and health products and, of course, sea hats. Animal collectors should enquire about the sperm whale teeth.

Have it Sent Home
You don’t have to carry your souvenirs. You can ask Brynja and Garðar to send them to your home. If you forgot something, just send an e-mail and they will ship it to you. “People have been extremely grateful for our services and wide selection. In fact, many have expressed their regrets of not finding us until the end of their trip when their funds were depleted,” says Brynja, so be sure to visit Sjóhatturinn early during your stay.

Geirsgata 5c • 101 Reykjavík
+354 552 7777
Facebook: Sjohatturinn

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