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Sægræfinn Restaurant
 A Legend Down by the Docks
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A true legend and a trailblazer in Reykjavík harbour is the Sea Baron, a retired fisherman and Coast Guard chef, who came up with the recipe for what has been called the “world’s greatest lobster soup.” You’ll find his restuarant, Sægreifinn, down by the old harbour in Reykjavík in a green-painted, cosy old fisherman’s hut, where you can have your choice of fresh seafood BBQ skewers or see if there is any truth to the bold statement about the lobster soup.

Smoking Eel All Night Long
In his early days the Sea Baron, who is better known as Kjartan Halldórsson, was a fisherman who sailed from Reykjavík’s harbour during the 1950’s. Kjartan then decided to take a week-long chefs’ course and hired himself as a chef for the Coast Guard, where he would prepare meals during their often long tours. Then he pioneered marketing smoked eel to Icelanders and, to this day, he smokes his own eels down by the docks, the pungent smell forcing him to smoke them during the night. Later, Kjartan opened up a fish shop, selling all sorts fresh fish products directly from the dock.
Kjartan’s transition from fish seller to restaurant owner was based more on coincidence than anything else. One day, standing by his boxes of fish on ice, a group of foreign visitors asked if it were possible for Kjartan to prepare the fish for them. Never short on answers, Kjartan ran to the nearest shop, purchased a grill and cooked the fish right there, inviting the visitors to dine inside his fish shop – which is where the Sægreifinn restaurant stands today. Word spread and more people asked for his grilled seafood, so Kjartan got rid of the boxes and became a restaurant owner.

The Best Possible Materials
Here you’ll always find a fresh assortment of the best possible seafood products, the selection depending on the catch of the day. How does Kjartan make sure he has the best materials available? He owns the fish shop across from the restaurant, so it’s an easy task to select the materials. Shortly after opening the restaurant, Kjartan invented his Lobster soup, which has now become world famous for its delicious and flavourful taste. Kjartan sadly refuses to disclose the secret to his recipe!

Aphrodisiac Soup
A true pioneer, Kjartan is always coming up new ideas. One is named Sea-agra Soup. Its key ingredient is the Sea Cucumber, which according to Chinese folklore, has an aphrodisiac effect on those who eat it. There is only one way to find out if that is true – stop down at the legendary Sægreifinn restaurant at the harbour and enjoy!
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Geirsgata 8 • 101 Reykjavík
+354 553 1500
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