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Bryggjan Cafe
Grindavik’s award winning cultural café
A rather nondescript building sits at the edge of the pier in Grindavik. Outside, piles and piles of black fishing nets lay heaped on the ground, waiting their turn to be repaired. A quick walk around the building reveals a large repair shop for trawler fishnets that can hold up to a thousand tons of fresh fish. Spread out on dry land these nets are an incredible 700 meters long. In the front, large glass windows and wooden tables and chairs on the terrace give away the secondary purpose of this building- the home of Bryggjan Café.

The attractive little café, which celebrates the life and times of Grindavik’s 500 year-old fishing industry, is decorated very much as you might expect. From the ceiling hang all sorts of artifacts including a 150 year-old ship’s rope and pulley and the walls are adorned with photos of retired fishing vessels that once played a part in Grindavik’s history. There is even a small bookshelf where locals can sit and read about the history of their village. If it weren’t for the upright piano in one corner, a guitar in another and an almost life-size photo of John Lennon on the wall, you might well imagine yourself in a museum, however small. Owners Aðalgeir and Kristinn, happen to be big Beatle fans, even hosting a special musical evening last October in honour of John Lennon’s 70th birthday. But culture is culture and the Beatles have left their mark in people’s hearts and minds even here in Grindavik.  Bryggjan is an ‘early bird cafe’ opening at 8:00 in the morning and serves a hearty ‘fisherman’s breakfast’. For lunch there are lamb and vegetable soups with bread as well as excellent espresso, cappuccino, regular coffee and homemade cakes. On a sunny day, the terrace, which looks out over the harbour is a pleasant spot to stop for lunch or afternoon coffee and breathe in the fresh sea air. And if you are really lucky you just might be there in time to watch the passing fishing vessels as they arrive to offload their catch.

Bryggjan Restaurant

Miðgarður 2 • 240 Grindavík
+354 4267100

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