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The Volcano House

Experience the Force of Nature  
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The Volcano House opens May 7th, 2011, offering visitors an informative look at the geology of Iceland, presented in a lively and entertaining way. Behind the concept are three brothers, Svavar, Þórir and Hörður - all of whom were looking for a change of direction in their careers. When the idea of opening the Volcano House presented itself, they were ready and willing to jump in and run with the ball. 

Located across from Reykjavik’s old harbour, two excellent 40 minute films will be shown every hour on the hour in the in-house cinema, which seats up to 50 guests. The films cover two of Iceland’s 20th century eruptions - the 1973 eruption in the Westman Islands and the most recent 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull.
A brief synopsis of Iceland’s geological history and volcanic system in English, German and Icelandic, will be displayed together with hands-on exhibits of lava rock and ash making the Volcano House a kind of ‘learning oasis’ for those on a quest for knowledge. “We hope to eventually include an earthquake simulator,” says Þórir, where guests are able to stand on a platform that is able to bring home the reality and magnitude of any earthquake that has rocked the world in recent months. 
Superb volcano and related nature photographs by some of the best photographers in Iceland today will be exhibited. The gift shop will have a lovely selection of  handcrafted items by top Icelandic designers and artists whose work is in some way related to Iceland’s volcanoes and nature. Digital prints of the exhibited photographs will also be available in the gift shop. 

In the Volcano House café, guests can enjoy excellent coffee, light refreshments and a selection of wines and spirits. Welcome to the Volcano House!

Volcano House
Tryggvagata 11 • 101 Reykjavík
+354 555 1900
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