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The Exotic Flavours of the East
Krua Thai Restaurants
Serving traditional Thai dishes in three separate locations, the aromatic and warming curries at Krua Thai provide a refreshing change from the ordinary. The popular downtown location, across from the old harbour, with its white exterior and bright, cheerful interior can lift your spirits if ever the weather in Iceland should happen to get you down. The Kopavogur restaurant, close to the Smáralind shopping centre in Bærlind serves the same delightful dishes and also provides a home delivery service.

For people in the north, there is now a branch in Akureyri, too. At all the locations, a take-away service is available. In contrast to what Icelandic restaurants are doing these days, most of the ingredients are imported straight from Thailand to guarantee a genuine Thai flavour, such as the fragrant and spicy basil that is a key element in many of Krua Thai’s dishes. Krua Thai is also a favourite amongst visiting tour groups from Thailand to Iceland - showing the appreciation of the experts in Thai food. 

On 19th July 2011, the restaurant will celebrate its 10th year birthday celebration.
As a thank you to all their loyal patrons, along with the festivities, they will offer a 50% reduction in prices on that day. When the restaurant first opened, many visitors didn’t understand the cuisine but Krua Thai’s influence has opened up a whole range of new tastes and flavours to the Icelandic palate, enriching the culture and encouraging people to step out and try new dishes. Those who know real Thai food will be found in one of Krua Thai’s restaurants.

Krua Thai
Tryggvagata 14 • 101 Reykjavík
+354 561 0039


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