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Icelandic Fish & Chips
The simple delights of a new Icelandic cuisine
It was a busy Friday night at Icelandic Fish & Chips when I sat down with owner Erna Kaaber, curious to know how the idea for the restaurant came about. 
“We wanted to do an Icelandic version of the British fish and chips, but prepared in a healthy way and with all the purity of Icelandic ingredients. We make everything right here from scratch and have replaced, for example, the traditional mayonnaise with skyr and instead of deep fried chips, they are hand cut and oven baked with skins intact,” Erna explains.
“We are in the planning stage of expanding our menu to include mussels possibly, or a cold artic char salad and I would love to try something along the lines of Japanese sashimi- similar to sushi but without the rice” says Erna. 

“I’m also looking into finding more ways to use hand-picked Icelandic moss, angelica and seaweed and incorporating them into other dishes on the menu as well” she says. Clearly this is a woman who is not afraid of bringing traditional Icelandic ingredients into new spheres and is sincerely dedicated to the celebration of food. There are 10 different flavoured skyr based dipping sauces, very aptly named ‘skyronnaise’ which complement the fish and side dishes. The staff are happy to recommend which fish to pair with which sauce and several types of fresh fish are offered daily. 

The onion rings fried in spelt and barley batter, seasoned with just the right amount of fresh herbs and crunchy sea salt, were!  A couple of fresh salads, mango or mixed greens were delicately flavoured and perfect.  The meal ended with the traditional skyr and cream, topped with a mixed berry sauce- the simple delights of Icelandic cuisine. 

Located just across the street from Reykjavik’s old harbour, under the Alliance Française, the restaurant is housed in a lovely old wooden building that somehow breathes the harbour culture of times past. Precisely as I took my first few bites of food, La Vie en Rose, sung by Edith Piaf could be heard wafting over the patter of the nearly full restaurant. The timing was impeccable...Thank you, ma chère Edith.... my sentiments exactly!

And thank you Erna, it was wonderful.

Icelandic Fish & Chips

Tryggvagata 8 • 101 Reykjavik
+354 511 1118

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