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Café Haiti
For quality coffee and live music
The explosion of restaurants, cafés, and businesses in Reykjavik serving a whole range of exciting and exotic foods from around the globe is phenomenal. As recently as 10 years ago, there were comparatively few ‘foreign’ eateries in town and many Icelanders were just waking up to a whole new world of international cuisine.

Joining the café scene is the recently opened Café Haiti, one of the most friendly and warm little coffee houses in Reykjavik and the recipient of rave reviews. When I arrived late one Saturday night I was met by the owner, a friendly and smiling Icelander who goes by the unlikely name of Methusalem. His Haitian wife Elda, had already gone home so unfortunately I missed my chance to meet her.

I thought it was fascinating that Café Haiti actually roast their own coffee beans. It had always seemed a complicated process, as presented by the big coffee manufacturers. “In Haiti people often roast their own beans and Elda grew up with the process and my own Icelandic grandmother also roasted hers, so together we have kind of de-mystified the process” says Methusalem. 

The marked difference in coffee quality and taste is a result of the roasting of small batches, which Elda and Methusalem do right on the premises every morning. The whole process only takes about 20 minutes, which came a bit of surprise. Good to know!

That evening, Café Haiti was filled with live music from Brazil, to the delight of the mostly Icelandic clientele, some of whom sat with a glass of wine or beer, others swaying gently in rhythm to the mellow voice of native Brazilian singer Jussanam Dejah DaSilva.

Café Haiti- Every bit worth a visit!

You can follow Café Haiti on their Facebook page.

Café Haiti
Geirsgata 7A • 101 Reykjavík
+354 5888484

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