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The Akranes School of Music
When it was formed in 1955, the Music School had just 23 students. Since then, it has grown tremendously, drawing students from all over the area. Today, with 310 students, taught by 22 teachers, the school thrives because a strong emphasis is placed on meeting the individual student’s needs and aspirations - whether young or mature, giving each one a deep insight into the world of music. Popular and classical music are taught with equal prominence.

A State-of-the-Art School
2007 was a landmark in the school’s history and development. The new state-of-the-art school opened right next to the shopping area. It provides class rooms and practice rooms with computers connected to the Internet so students can download and print music scores and do research. The Tónberg auditorium, seating 177 guests has facilities for every kind of production, including conferences. The school has a variety of ensembles who liven up community life with their exciting and creative musical performances.

The Celtic Influence
One example is the folk music group comprising 27 girls aged between 11 and 24. In their sparkling concerts, they sing and play violins and are backed up with a bass, piano and drums. They focused initially on Irish and Scottish Celtic music but have expanded their repertoire to include some Jewish music and are now turning Icelandic songs into their own style of folk music.

They have produced a DVD and one CD and are preparing another for release this year.
They are also introducing their new concert program on 18th May. Called ‘Kling kling’, it is based on Davíð Stefánsson’s poem. That performance will be continued from September through the winter. The group has travelled extensively, bringing their style and genre of music to a much wider audience than just Akranes.

There is a lot of talent in and around Akranes in the music field and teachers from TOSKA visit schools in the area to give the same kind of personalised attention that has borne such positive fruit under the direction of its Principal, Lárus Sighvatsson and Assistant Principal, Skúli Ragnar Skúlason.

Dalbraut 1 • 300 Akranes
+354 433 1900

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