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The South Iceland Adventure Advantage

Feeling Adventurous?
Many people are surprised when they arrive in Iceland to discover just how much there is to do beyond the usual touring! There are glacier hikes, volcano tours, geo-tours, cave exploring, hot-spring bathing, ice climbing, Super Jeep ice safaris, diving - and the list goes on and on.

South Iceland Adventure is for those who want just a tad more excitement and edge to their Icelandic vacation in a way that challenges you to go right to the limit of - but not beyond - your personal comfort zone.

The South Iceland Adventure Advantage
SIA guides have lived most of their lives in the area around Eyjafjallajökull. With years of mountaineering experience behind them, they combine their knowledge, talent and passion for the Icelandic Highlands with safety and skill. Like their Viking forefathers before them, they possess an understanding of the challenges that are to be found, and are adept at finding the hidden gems that can really make your holiday special.

o Guts, no Glory - Snowkiting in the Highlands
SIA offers the challenge of a lifetime - especially geared for those who want to test their limits to the max. Enter (drumroll please): Snowkiting in the Icelandic Highlands! Jerome Jossarand, considered to be one of the most daring snow kiters in the world today, has teamed up with SIA exclusively to offer instruction and guidance in this extreme sport. In February 2011 they will be introducing Iceland as one of the best locations on earth for snowkiting enthusiasts. An experience you won’t want to miss.

Inspirational Iceland: New Lava, New Land
You’ve seen the photos, the TV reports and heard all the rumours. Now you can discover for yourself how this eruption has changed the face of the land in a dramatic statement that can only be appreciated first hand.
The SIA Super Jeep Tour, which operates out of Hvolsvöllur to the Eyjafjallajökull area, can pick you up from Hótel Rangá, Hótel Hvolsvöllur or from Hótel Fljótshlíð for a very inspirational look at Iceland´s most recent geological happening.

Feel it! Get inspired! Go for it! Let South Iceland Adventure take you to the edge!

South Iceland Adventure
Öldugerði 17 • 860 Hvolsvelli
+354 770 2030

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