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A Passport around Iceland
Sterna offers a liberating alternative in touring the country
There are many ways to explore this island nation but many have yet to realize how convenient the public transport system is. Drengur Óla, Marketing Manager of Sterna Tour Company, says that there are many advantages to using public transportation in Iceland, including fair prices and the regularity of the trips.
“First and foremost, we offer public transportation, which means that our buses always depart at given times and no matter how many or few passengers, you never have to worry about how or when you’re getting to your next destination. In fact, in all my years working for this company, we have never left a passenger behind, and we don’t intend to start now,” says Drengur. Sterna has adjusted their route network to give easy access to all the locations of interest to a curious traveller. Increasingly popular are The Bus Passports, enabling you to jump on and off scheduled trips at your own convenience and to travel to specific areas of Iceland without ever having to worry about booking the bus. You just show your passport and you’re on your way. “It has proven to be very liberating for our customers to have the freedom and flexibility to tour the country at their own discretion, whether we’re talking about families, groups or lone travellers. We’ve often seen a certain community among the travellers and some of our customers who step on the bus as individuals, leave with a group,” says Drengur.

There are six different passports available, including the full circle around Iceland on highway no. 1, a tour to the West Fjörds and the Golden Circle. An increasingly popular alternative to the circle around Iceland is the East Circle via Kjölur, taking you straight across the barren highlands of Iceland. “The Kjölur route also offers you a chance to experience the hidden oasis of the Kerlingafjöll area, which has been overlooked by many, but is a unique area. This summer, we are offering short tours in the mountainous area and the first ‘Day-Tour’ (as opposed to scheduled tours), which takes you to the volcanic islands of Vestmannaeyjar, including a pick up at your hotel. Another innovation is that the tours around the Snæfellsnes peninsula will have local guides, offering detailed and entertaining commentary of the area. The most popular routes around the South of Iceland also include stewardesses  to help facilitate the whole experience.” Drengur says that Sterna places special emphasis on safety and that all their buses come equipped with seatbelts and meet all the required standards and more. “Another plus of utilizing the public transport system is that you can be sure that the driver knows the route like the back of his hand and is experienced in dealing with the needs of the travellers, including accommodating families with children and those with special needs.”

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