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Romantic and Dreamy
A Secluded Boutique Hotel with the Perfect Ambiance
There is a magical quality to the light in Iceland throughout the year, no matter what the season. Hotel Glymur takes full advantage of its privileged position on a hillside overlooking the fjord; the mid-day sun reflects off the deep blue waters in such a way that I am sure I have just been transported into a dreamy impressionist painting that I never want to leave. The secluded boutique hotel is a popular destination for a romantic weekend getaway and has even been the venue for the occasional wedding. The sleek Italian leather sofas in the suites and villas, some in cool shades of lime green, orange or chartreuse are at once restful and energising, giving each room a distinctive character. The 22 double rooms are  called ‘gallery mini-suites’ and the ensuite floor-to-ceiling tiled bathrooms come with plenty of fluffy towels and robes which you are encouraged to lounge about in.

There are three gorgeous suites, the ‘Hallgrímsstofa Suite’, named after the famous 17th century poet-priest and the ‘Guðriðarstófa Suite’ named after his wife. The stylish and spacious suites both look out on the fjord and the church, where Hallgrímur and his wife lived and worked. The smallest of the three suites is named after Hallgrímur and Guðríður´s son Eyjólfur and is suitable for disabled people and the elderly. 

Picture romantic gourmet dinners with views over the fjord as the sun begins to slowly wend its way to the northwestern horizon. Hotel Glymur’s á la carte restaurant offers some tempting dishes such as roasted lamb fillet with blueberry sauce and an amazing pan fried salt fish with strawberry and mint sauce. Very tempting indeed! 

Six new self-catered villas, each with their own original theme are all fabulously appointed with modern furnishings in delightful combinations of vibrant colours which contrast with the tranquil panoramic views just outside the door. Watching the midnight sun set across the fjord, while enjoying a glass of champagne from your villa’s private hot tub is highly recommended.

Hotel Glymur can be found gracing the pages of the book Great Small Hotels of the World and is rated the number one hotel in Iceland by customers at

Hótel Glymur

Hvalfirði • 301 Akranesi
+354 430 3100

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