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Geothermal Cycling
Whatever Your Pace, Iceland Activities Has a Ride for You
Iceland Activities may well be the only tour company in Iceland that specialises in tours and activities exclusively in the Hengill Geothermal Area, famous for its natural hot springs. It's also a company that truly is ‘family-run’ in every sense of the word. “We are a sports-minded family who have been exploring the Hengill area together for the last 25 years.

When our kids were small we took them with us on every trip, every summer - biking, hiking, fishing, camping - we have done it all,” says Andrés Ulfarsson, who founded the company in 2010. “It was only natural for us to launch this business, taking visitors to all our favourite places that we have grown up with,” says Ulfar Andrésson, 23, who along with his sister, Sólveig and their mom Steinun are an integral part of the family business.

‘Your Pace is our Pace’
Iceland Activities’ guided biking, hiking and walking tours in and around Hveragerði and the Hengill Geothermal area are rated from easy to strenuous and suitable for all ages. Travel over 1,100 year-old sheep paths high up in the mountains that criss-cross this magnificent volcanic area and then take a dip in a geothermally-heated river. Whatever your pace and level of fitness, Iceland Activities will meet you there.
Iceland on your own

Cycling around Iceland is a healthy and enjoyable way to explore the country on your own. You can rent your own quality bike for anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days or longer and it comes complete with bicycle helmet and a suggested itinerary.

‘Hotsprings around Hveragerði’
- Guided Bike Tour

Iceland Activities offers an exclusive guided bike tour in and around Hveragerði and then takes you to observe the new geothermal park that was created by an earthquake in 2008. Have fun boiling eggs in one of the many hot springs and end the day relaxing at the Hveragerði swimming pool. Got kids? Iceland Activities has child-sized bikes, activities and tours to suit the youngest members of your group.

Gearing it up a notch
If you yearn for still more, Iceland Activities also offers surfing on south Iceland's famous black sand beaches or group activities especially geared to young people. Have fun this summer with Iceland Activities!

Iceland Activities
Mánamörk 3-5 • 810 Hveragerði
+354 777 6263

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