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Vikingwear, Past and Present
Enter the world of the Vikings at Viking loft
Vikings were a tough race in the olden days; their clothing effective and well-made for the environment they lived in.
Today, the only company that makes Viking clothing in Iceland has opened its doors in Reykjavik’s downtown harbour area in the flourishing community built around the bright green old fishermen’s huts right on the waterfront.
Not only will you find traditional Viking dress but the owner, Jenný, has taken the Viking style and brought it right up-to-date with a range of fashionable modern styles that are highly regarded in fashion circles. Icelandic woollen sweaters, shawls, hats, vests are to be found alongside dresses and unique one-off creations. If you want to stand out at a party or in the workplace yet want to wear something both comfortable and warm, you will find a number of styles to choose from in Vikingloft. Versions of the clothing can be made to order for children of all ages.

Icelandic wool keeps you comfortable at a constant temperature. The wool has two layers, one soft and so cosy and the other, rougher and practically waterproof. Together, they provide a material that breathes, yet insulates, totally naturally. The wool is woven by a weaver in the old town of Vík on the south coast.

The shawls complement the sweaters beautifully and are available in white, black or stunning purple. A pendant, made from Icelandic pearl - Djupalónsperlu - a unique accessory that completes the ensemble, hangs on a fine leather necklace, enclosed by a delicate fine silver wire cage.
The Viking Loft catalogue can be viewed on and is also on Facebook. Orders can be placed by email or phone in English.
While you are browsing the clothing, why not take time for a special reading from a Völva? Practising a craft handed down from the Viking times, where no-one would consider undertaking any new venture without consulting the seer, Hrafna the Völva has her runes and bones and uses her prophetic gift to help you know more about yourself and your future. A Völva possesses gifts of divination and prophecy and you may well find her gift life-changing.


Geirsgata 7A • 101 Reykjavik
+354 862 1082

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