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Fosshótel: Connecting the Ring around Iceland The thought of booking accommodation for an entire road trip can be a daunting task, as the number of options and variables is sometimes seemingly endless. Fosshótel has come up with a convenient option for those driving around Iceland: the ‘On the Road’ package, which enables you to travel to all of Iceland’s greatest attractions while always having a comfortable place to stay nearby. Fosshótel handles your hotel accommodation and provides you with a detailed travel itinerary to help you on your way. Their hotels are each located by the main road and close to many of Iceland’s main attractions, eliminating long and tedious drives to your night’s lodging. Fosshótel has two conveniently located hotels in Reykjavik to start your trip. In Reykholt, in the west of Iceland, you’ll find a culturally-themed hotel connecting you to the rich history of the area and the wonders of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. There are three hotels in the North of Iceland: Dalvík, Húsavík and Laugar, giving you access to such diverse activities as whale watching, the geological phenomena of Ásbyrgi and the magnificent Dettifoss waterfall. Fosshótel, of course, provide accommodation close to Vatnajökull in the East of Iceland. Fosshótel Mosfell gives you easy access to many of Southern Iceland’s greatest attractions, including a hike to Mt. Hekla and the secluded Þórsmörk area.

The hotels are not exclusive to those using the self-drive package and provide a cosy and friendly option for the weary traveller. Fosshotel’s motto is “Friendly all around Iceland,” and their three main goals are to provide a good night’s sleep, healthy breakfast and making their visitors comfortable, so you can be sure of a warm welcome. Most of their hotels have quality restaurants which emphasise the local cuisine and many of the staff are, in fact, locals who are more than happy to give you advice and information for your travels.


Sigtún 38 • 105 Reykjavík

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