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Fishing with the Fisherman
Hotel Malarhorn is a Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Tour Guide and...
Under the watchful eye of Drangsnes’ troll woman, just a quick boat ride to the island of Grimsey, is Malarhorn - a restaurant, bar, hotel, and tour organiser rolled into one. The idea for Malarhorn sprang from local fisherman Ásbjörn Magnússon’s desire to share the delights of Drangsnes with visitors and find something to do for the six months of the year he’s not fishing.
Malarhorn is a showcase of Drangsnes’ connection to the sea with accommodation nearly in the shadow of Grimsey and fresh fish served up daily at its restaurant, which specialises in food from the area like lumpfish served with seal fat. If seafood isn’t to your liking then Icelandic meat soup and lamb from nearby farms provide a tasty alternative. In good weather, the restaurant has a roomy balcony overlooking Steingrímsfjord, where your fish was caught. Malarhorn has a four bedroom, two bathroom cottage for independent guests with a fully-equipped kitchen and outdoor grill for guests who want to do their own cooking or summer barbecuing. A ten-bedroom house with separate entrances and bathrooms in each room and a new twelve-room guesthouse, completed in June, offers hotel styled rooms to Malarhorn’s burgeoning selection of accommodation. Anywhere you choose to stay in Malarhorn is just a few minutes walk from Drangsnes’ pool.

Magnússon is also the only Drangsnes resident who offers a tour of Grimsey, which has the largest concentration of puffins in the world with 300,000 individuals and 80,000 nesting pairs on a few kilometres of land. The tour takes three hours, dropping guests on the island for an hour’s hike before picking them up to fish the fjord and catch their lunch. This tour’s flexibility allows guests to arrange for more time as long as there are three or more in the group. Guests who would like a private fishing lesson from Magnússon can arrange for the enthusiastic fisherman to instruct them using his decades of knowledge and experience. Grimsey island used to be a haven for fisherman trawling the area. Now its alluring animal life and role in Icelandic folk lore distinguishes it.
Tours to Grimsey begin on  20th June and run until 15th August, possibly longer if the weather is favourable. Guests at Hotel Malarhorn receive a discount on tours around the island and can get more information about the folk tales from the family who runs the hotel.

Malarhorn • 520 Drangsnes
+354 451 3237

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