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Nature’s Nuances
Blue Lagoon Bliss
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Bodies lie weightlessly suspended, enveloped in mineral rich, milky blue waters. Faces covered with white silica masks wade slowly through shallow water. Pitted rocks, created by the slow cooling of the lava flow from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, give the illusion of a lunar landscape. Welcome to the otherworldly Blue Lagoon.

A path leading to the main entrance takes you into rooms accented with rich chestnut-brown wood, framed by natural rock. Beyond the doors of the changing rooms lies geothermal seawater enriched with silica and algae minerals to energize and nourish your skin. The brisk Icelandic weather rushes you into the pool and seconds later the warm embrace of that geothermal seawater enfolds you.

Trained masseuses can float you effortlessly through the water for submerged spa treatments while soothing any tensions from your trip. They gently place you on a raft as warm water lazily laps over your body. Stress melts away in the healing blue water, transforming concern into relaxed energy, which you can take home with help from an assortment of spa products available in the gift shop.

A swim-up bar delivers specialised skin masks, nourishing algae masks, exfoliating volcanic scrubs, or luscious cocktails for those who wish to imbibe. Guests who have the willpower to drag themselves from the deliciously warm water are richly rewarded for their effort in the Lava Restaurant & Bar. Built into a cliff, it gets its name from the exposed lava rock wall integrated into its layout. A towering glass staircase brings guests to a second floor bar where you can indulge in a drink before dinner. Though the Lava Restaurant & Bar has won several architectural awards, its design does not outdo the restaurant’s menu which runs the gamut from light dishes to gourmet meals.

An exclusive lounge is set aside for guests who want more privacy. The six rooms feature a changing area, vanity, and shower which open into a hall that leads to a second floor balcony overlooking the main pool. Downstairs in a shared lounge amid subtly scattered curved grey chairs, fresh fruit, tea and coffee await, while a cheerful fire warms the room. A small indoor pool is reserved for guests of the lounge and provides access, through a private entrance, to the main pool. For those who want to treat themselves, full meals, small dishes, and cocktails can be ordered from the Lava Restaurant & Bar.

The Blue Lagoon
Grindarvíkurvegur 5 • 240 Grindavík
+354 420 8800
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