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A Viking’s Life
Vikingakráin - The Viking Tavern in the Centre of Reykjavik
Vikings loved to eat - and eat well. and they have a reputation of eating and drinking to keep up.
Now, you can join them, right in the heart of Reykjavik, close to the harbour to enjoy the Viking lifestyle, food, drink, dress and skills. Víkingakráin takes you back 1,000 years, plunging you into a world of sheepskin and silversmiths, rough wood and candlelight, longships and Viking dress.
Here you can live and breathe Viking traditions, eat the same food cooked in the same way they are thought to have cooked and served by Vikings dressed in the same way their forebears were.

Drinking is a well-known Viking tradition. Upstairs, you can get your drinks straight from a Viking longship. At both bars your beer will be drawn from carved wooden high seat pillars, similar to those the first Viking to settle here, Ingólfur Arnarson, threw overboard as he was approaching the country to find where he should set up home. No polished hotel tables here, you sit on benches or logs at rough-hewn wooden tables. Smoke from the candles rises through the beams. They were craftsmen, skilled in working with their hands. As you walk through the wooden gates, you find yourself in the midst of a Viking market where you can see artisans at work and purchase their original handiwork.

In the market area, for example, you can meet Ari and Ágústa from Níu Heimar (Nine Worlds). Ari is the blacksmith, but his talents go much further, as his skills with painting and crafts show. Together, they are fascinating to talk to, if you have an interest in the roots of the Viking world, as they take you into the mists of history and the spirit world. In their workshop just a couple of minutes away, you can find an amazing collection of everything from driftwood and glass, smoothed by the rough seas, shells, herbs, bones and even twigs that are transformed into works of art.

Did you ever wonder how the Vikings really dressed? Here is your chance, not only to find out, but to take some home with you. Craftsmen in the market have jewellery of all types, leather bags and many other skillfully-made items that make worthy gifts and treasured mementoes.
In her booth in the restaurant, you will find Hrafna the Völva - a Viking seer who can tell you a lot about yourself. The Vikings of the past would always consult a Völva before starting any undertaking.

Visiting musicians, actors and storytellers make regular appearances to enthrall and entertain you. Every day at 8 pm, the popular comedy show, ‘Let’s Talk Iceland’, that tells you all you need to know about the history of Iceland and Icelanders from its settlement until present day is performed in the restaurant. It is a fun and vibrant play in English. You will meet Vikings or valkeries from the past and go on an unforgettable journey through the history of Iceland and discuss the strange people living there - the Icelanders.
The world of the Vikings is very much alive today and you will find them, eating, drinking, working and generally having fun in Víkingakráin in Reykjavik.

Hafnarstræti 1•101 Reykjavík
+354 551 1717.

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