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Saudarkrokurʼs Kitchen
Ólafshús Restaurant Feeds the Town
For over a decade, Ólafshús has filled an important niche in Sauðarkrókur, a large town in northern Iceland with a population of 2,500. The restaurant has become known as ‘the town kitchen’ because of its central location, just five minutes walk from any accommodation. “We have a great cooperation with the hotels in town, and they choose to send their guests here,” explains Kristín Magnusdóttir, a part-owner in her familyʼs business, “It seems a bit strange to people who visit, but we have had only good reviews from guests.”

Once the workshop and home of saddle maker, Ólafur Jónsson, the house has undergone several name changes in the past century. Once a pharmacy, then a bank, and finally a restaurant, Ólafshús has finally settled into its role as town kitchen. “I barely use my kitchen at home anymore because I have one here,” remarked one enthusiastic guest.

Reasonable prices and a versatile menu keep customers coming back to Ólafshús, where you can get a full meal with ingredients from Skagafjorðurʼs local food chest, sit down for a juicy burger, or get a pizza delivered, depending on your mood. Salad topped with smoked puffin followed by marinated lamb are some of the chefʼs signature dishes. Lighter appetites are appeased by a soup and salad bar offered until the evening. Guests who prefer a casual café can cross the street to Kaffi Krókur which, much like Ólafshús, is a jack of all trades with an original intent far different from its current one. Kaffi Krókur is a coffeehouse and restaurant that turns into a lively pub that often features live music on the weekend. Kaffi Krokur was the sheriffʼs home until 1912, changing hands and names until it became a café and pub in 1994.

Both Ólafshús and Kaffi Krókur can cater larger events and recently hosted the afterparty for the opening of Sútarinn museum, a fish leather tannery in Saudarkrókur. Ólafshús has seats for sixty guests in its main restaurant with a room for small meetings on the second floor and two banquet halls for larger events. Kaffi Krókur is perfect for smaller meetings and its café atmosphere is well-suited for informal groups.

Aðalgata 15 • 550 Sauðárkrókur
+354 453 6454

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