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Whales, Dolphins, Puffins and Fish
Elding - Pioneers of Reykjavik’s Whale Watching Phenomenon
Elding Whale Watching, founded in 1998, pioneered whale watching trips from Reykjavik. Whale watching was uncharted territory but word of their success in consistently finding whales and dolphins got around, making the trips very popular. They have five boats, all of which are fully used, as the idea of whale watching has captured the hearts of people everywhere.

Whales and Puffins
Elding offers all year round whale watching with numerous superb tours daily during the summer. Whale watching in the beautiful evening light, as the sun sets close to midnight, has become very popular.

Puffin Islands
During the summer months’ breeding season, when thousands of puffins nest on Lundey or Akurey, two islands near Reykjavik, each whale watching trip visits one of them (which, depends on the tides). The boats get in very close without disturbing the birds, providing fantastic photo opportunities. Around these islands, other birds like eider ducks, black guillemots, gannets and cormorants can also regularly be seen.

Puffin ’n Fishing
Daily, in summer, there are two additional hour-long trips just to see the puffins and one 3-hour trip which includes fishing. The fish you catch is barbecued on board. You can’t get a fresher meal than that!

The Key Differences
Elding is the only whale watching operator that offers tours all year round. Many take boats out into the Atlantic–but what makes the experience memorable is the quality of service. Elding’s boats are purpose-designed and the crews are both experienced and friendly. Having live commentary from naturalist guides, expertise and friendly explanations also gives the trip extra value.

Eco-friendly operation
From the outset, Elding set the bar high on standards of professionalism in each area. Every year since 2006, it has received the Green Globe/Earth Check certification, whose audit requires an annual improvement in their environmental impact.

Sustainable Operation
Elding is the only whale watching operator in Reykjavik that contributes to and participates in marine research. This is seen as an important contribution to its sustainability policy and a good way to understand the environment they are dependent on. Two research projects, cataloguing and behaviour–monitoring of the whales are run on the Elding boats. Since 2007, over 300 whales have been listed and photographed and important data on them gathered on their behaviour.

Dive’ with the Whales
An older ship has been converted into a Whale Watching Centre, whose centrepiece is the skeleton of a minke whale. Downstairs is a walk-through presentation which should not be missed. Films shot underwater take you into the whales’ world. With a shop and café to relax in and seating both up on deck, with a beautiful view of the harbour and inside, this is worth a visit in itself. It is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. Elding also operates the Whale Watching Centre housed in a converted fishing vessel alongside the touring vessels, where you can see a multimedia presentation about whales, seabirds and other marine life. Elding has a strict environmental policy, both in terms of polluting and interacting with the whales.

Ægisgarður 7 • 101 Reykjavik
+354 555 3565

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