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Iceland best enjoyed from a bike saddle

Reykjavik Bike Tours, Iceland’s first specialised bicycle tour company
German-born Ursula Spitzbart is the founder of Reykjavik Bike Tours. She first came to Iceland ten years ago, fell in love with an Icelander and his country, started a family and wrote a book in the German language about her experiences as a German living in Iceland.

Ursula worked at the Technical University of Munich in Germany for several years as a professor’s academic assistant in food technology. She then worked for Rotel Tours for four years as a tour manager for German tourists visiting Scotland. Ursula’s partner, Stefan Helgi Valsson, has been a full-time tourist guide since 1988, a tourist guide educator and trainer and a college and university lecturer in tourism subjects. Once a prize winning bicycle racer, Stefan now enjoys admiring the sights and scenery and telling entertaining stories to visitors.

Reykjavik Bike Tours is the first company in Iceland to offer daily scheduled bike tours of Reykjavik and day tours from the city. Tours are available all year – weather depending in winter, of course. This summer, the company offers private bicycle tours for families and groups as well as four scheduled tours: Classic Reykjavik, Coast of Reykjavik, Golden Circle & Bike and Westman Isles & Bike.

Classic Reykjavik – 2.5 hrs / 7 km
This tour is a perfect introduction to the capital city of Iceland. Participants can expect to see some of the city’s hidden secrets while learning about its history from a professional and enthusiastic local tourist guide. Participants get to know what the city is all about – in terms of its history, which museums are not to be missed, which restaurants have been getting great reviews, current special events and much, much more. Perhaps the most important aspect of this tour, apart from the exercise, of course, is the ample opportunity guests have to ask the local guide questions.

Coast of Reykjavik – 2.5 hrs / 18 km

This tour’s main attraction is Reykjavik’s coastline and the often-beautiful evening light along the north, south and west coast of Reykjavik. Highlights include Öskjuhlíð forest, Reykjavik’s geothermal beach, Reykjavik University, Grotta nature reserve and lighthouse.

Golden Circle & Bike – 8 hrs / 25 km
This tour includes all the usual stops along the 240 km so-called Golden Circle route, Iceland’s most famous tourist route. Highlights include Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area, National Park Þingvellir (Parliament plains) and one or two more places. Participants bicycle about 25 km along some of the most beautiful parts of the Golden Circle, mostly in Þingvellir National Park – the most famous historical place in Iceland. Since 2004, it’s been on the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.
Westman Isles & Bike – 9 hrs / 7 km
This tour includes a guided mini-bus transfer – a 30 minute mini-cruise with the local ferry and sightseeing by bicycle on Heimaey Island. This island is the largest and the only inhabited island in the Westman Isles archipelago (Vestmannaeyjar). Tour highlights include the 1973 lava field, botanical garden in the lava field, a puffin colony, Pompeii of the North, and much, much more. There are only few cars on Heimaey Island, and there are many places of interest within a short distance of each other – which makes it an ideal place to bicycle.
Ursula and Stefan love what they do and receive every visitor with a friendly smile.

Reykjavik Bike Tours
Ægisgarður 7 • 101 Reykjavik
+354 694 8956

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