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Jewellery from the Goddess of the Sea
Sædís’ Silver and Stones Stream from the Waters
The old harbour of Reykjavik truly is one of the city’s most magical places. The area has, in the last few years, been completely revived and the old fishing huts which, not so long ago, faced being demolished now, thanks to a group of highly innovative and creative individuals, brim with life and activity, housing various restaurants and cafés as well as workshops and studios for artists and designers. Among those who have so vigorously renovated this charming little ‘village’ is a brilliant and immensely talented jewellery designer, Sædís Bauer Halldórsdóttir.
Sædís, whose name translates ‘Goddess of the Sea’, indeed seems to have a special relationship with the earth’s blue gold. So special that, upon entering her gallery and workshop after strolling along the harbour, one is struck by the thought that somehow the ocean must have flooded into the store and magically taken the shape of beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Marvelling at the sleek beauty and mirror-like appearance of her design, which ranges from the most feminine to pieces that can easily be worn by both men and women, immediately evokes images of Iceland’s most distinct symbol, pure water. Whether it be the silky smoothness of Lake Þingvellir, crystal-clear mountain streams or the waves of the ocean, the texture and mobility of water is ever present in Sædís’ creations. Her respect for nature and strong emphasis on quality is evident in all aspects of her work. Sædís uses green practices and each piece is elaborately handcrafted from recycled materials and fair trade stones making it as unique as a raindrop. Her metal of choice is silver, which she uses along with blue and clear stones and Icelandic stones like the lava stone. Sædís will custom-make pieces to meet the wishes of clients using whatever metal they request. She also sells quality leather products and art pieces by significant Icelandic artists.

Sædís is among many designers and artists who sell their creations on making her design available worldwide but if you’re in Reykjavík, a visit to her open workshop and gallery truly is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Opening hours 10 am to 18-20 pm,
seven days a week.

Sædís design

Geirsgata 5 • 101 Reykjavík
  +354-555 6087 gullsmiðja


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