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Shop from Your Hotel Room gives a new way to shop in comfort
Something special, different. Jewellery from a volcano; organic creams from pure Icelandic nature; fashionable, uniquely Icelandic design clothing. You need to shop.  It’s raining and you’re leaving tomorrow. Or you’re at a conference and have little free time. You’ve just unpacked and find, to your dismay, you forgot your adaptor or camera memory card. There are no shops selling them downtown. No problem: those and all kinds of electronic equipment are in the catalogue and can be in your hands in hours. Your holiday is not spoilt.

There, in your hotel room, is a catalogue filled with all these interesting items and much more. A simple phone call or visit to the website and they’re in your hands - with a tax refund form, delivered at no extra charge anywhere in the capital area or Keflavik airport.

You’re taking a stroll in the lovely evening sun, thinking about dinner.’s store is right downtown on Bankastræti 2 by the Lækjabrekka restaurant with the Tourist Information and Icelandic Travel Market. Here you can try the items you’re interested in and get an immediate tax refund on anything you purchase. Whether buying online, by phone or in person, the prices are the same as regular store prices.
Did you just arrive home and realise you didn’t get that special gift? A quick visit to the website and it’s on its way and your embarrassment is saved.

Hotel Shopping
Bankastræti 2 • 101 Reykjavik
+354 445 6600

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