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Maður Lifandi Makes Healthy Living Easier
Changing to and maintaining a healthy lifestyle may appear a daunting task with some of the reasons being: not knowing how to eat healthy, not knowing where to find healthy food and thinking that healthy food is rather dull and flavourless. Maður Lifandi supermarket and restaurant chain  makes it their goal to make that easy for you by providing a unique selection of organic and natural groceries, and gourmet meals that are nutritious and healthy, while being both satisfying and affordable. When you step into Maður Lifandi you‘re greeted with a pleasant cooking aroma and a selection of tasty organic groceries, some you probably didn‘t even know existed. Arndís Thorarensen, manager of Maður Lifandi, says their aim is to provide what they call ‘carefree shopping.’ “When you’re shopping at our stores, you don’t have to worry about chemical additives, fillers or other unwanted ingredients like white sugar and wheat.

We’ve studied the list of ingredients for you and only sell products that meet our standards. Furthermore, our staff is highly informed in organic and health roducts, and should be able to provide you with the information and help you need,” says Arndís. The product selection is like at any other medium-sized supermarket, which comes as no surprise, as Maður Lifandi strives to provide a one-stop location for the health conscious consumer. You’ll find organic fruits, vegetables, breads and pastry, dry goods, dairy products and juices, books, supplements and natural remedies, to name a few.

Likewise, Maður Lifandi’s restaurants put the emphasis on healthy eating, providing affordable meals which are not cheap when it comes to taste. “A lot of people seem to think health food is flavourless and dull which could not be further from the truth in our case. We’ve got a team of chefs who are experts in using fresh natural and organic ingredients to make delicious and savoury meals,” says Arndís. Each day, Maður Lifandi offers both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian special, soup and bread, as well as the ever popular salad bar along with a selection of cold dishes, either to dine-in or as a take-away. Arndís says that the smoothie and juice bar is constantly growing in popularity. There, customers can have their choice of healthy and nutritious drinks, the most popular one being ‘The Green Thunder’.

Maður Lifandi has three locations in the Reykjavík area: one in Borgartún 24, one in Hæðarsmári 6 in Kópavogur, and one in Hafnarborg - The Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art - which should make for a nice outing; enjoying delicious healthy food and admiring works of art by leading Icelandic and international artists.

Maður lifandi

Borgartún 24 • 105 Reykjavik
+354 585 8700

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