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Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant
Vegetarian Meals So Good Even Non-Vegetarians Love Them
Due to an often-unforgiving climate, Iceland does not have a particularly long history of vegetarian and organic lifestyles. Cultivating vegetables and fruits in such unfavourable conditions is a challenge even the greenest fingers will have problems overcoming. But thanks to new technologies, a warmer climate, modern transportation and some hard work, Iceland has become a vegetarian and health food heaven, and a leading pioneer in that trend is Iceland’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, Grænn Kostur. Jóhanna Jónasdóttir, service manager, says that Grænn Kostur (Green Choice) has accomplished a lot since its inception but their mission of ‘better health through good food’ is still going strong. “Our goal is simple: We want our food to be as natural and as full of life as possible – the closer to its origin the better. That is why we make everything from scratch from as wholesome, natural and organic ingredients as possible. Our customers really seem to appreciate that,” says Jóhanna.

Grænn Kostur has long since become a staple in Reykjavik’s restaurant scene as is made evident by the long queues that form every Thursday, with customers waiting for Grænn Kostur’s famous spinach and vegetarian lasagne. “We’re constantly disproving the image many people seem to have of vegetarian eating; that it is a single leaf of cabbage with a glass of water. When you get a meal at Grænn Kostur, you really get a meal. It has therefore been a pleasant experience to see that a large proportion of our customers aren’t even vegetarians; they simply like a tasty and healthy alternative,” says Jóhanna.

Grænn Kostur’s Course of the Day is a particularly popular choice.  Along with the splendid course are various salads, breads, rice, and some juicy and flavourful sauces, which is more than enough to satisfy an empty stomach. Jóhanna says they’re also quite proud of their cake and cookie selection which is, of course, also as organic and wholesome as possible, completely void of white sugar and wheat, as well as some raw food cake alternatives that are a big hit. “Our customers, who come from all walks of life, come again and again, whether they’re looking for a quick bite to go, a lively lunch or just reading the paper over a cup of coffee and a wholesome cake,” says Jóhanna.

Skólavörðustíg 8 • 101 Reykjavík
+354 552 2028

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