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A Tour to Rave About
Salty Tours Take You on Trips that will Leave You Awed
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The first thing that came to mind was, “What is half a shipwreck doing so far inland?” Then, when I saw the other half a few hundred metres further up the road, I wondered, “What could possibly have split this steel ship in two and dumped the mangled halves so far apart?”
I was just getting a glimpse of some of the astonishing sights that Iceland offers. I realised there’s a power here of tremendous proportions. Mind you, if I hadn’t taken The Grand Volcano and Lava Circle Tour, I would probably never have seen this or the many other dramatic sights this day had presented me.

Guided Tours Make All the Difference

Savvy visitors to Iceland are becoming more aware of the value of guided tours as a way of not just seeing sights but of experiencing all the different facets of the country. Although it may seem more economical to just rent a car and drive around, there is so much more in a tour. You see places you would never have seen and enjoy the fascinating history you would never have heard - not to mention the anecdotes and pleasure.
Many tourists just drive straight from Keflavik airport to the capital, passing fields of lava. From the coach or car, there seems little of apparent interest - but that is what makes Iceland special: you have to do a little searching to find the special experiences that will make your holiday memorable.

Very Highly Recommended

Salty Tours picks travellers up from hotels in Reykjavik and drives out for a day on the Reykjanes peninsula. Þorsteinn (Thorsteinn) knows this area like the back of his hand - its history, culture, people, land, animals and birds. He weaves them together into an experience that has resulted in rave reviews on “How amazing was this trip”, “Very highly recommended indeed…This tour was fantastic…” Having just sampled a few minutes of the tour, I can unequivocally echo these reactions. This is a tour that will give you a new perspective on life in the North.

Time to Reflect in the Blue Lagoon
After a day filled with new activities every few minutes, your mind needs a break, so the tour ends at the world-renowned Blue Lagoon, where you can relax in its health-giving hot geothermal waters, laced with healing minerals, as you mull over all you have encountered in just one day before taking the tour bus back to your hotel. You will probably feel you have just lived several lives all at once and will be left with the hunch that if this one peninsula has so much to offer, then the rest of your trip will provide a lifetime of memories.

Salty Tours
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