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Beautiful Akureyri

Summer Destination of the North

One of the most idyllic towns in Iceland, Akureyri, is buzzing with excitement this summer, with happenings and lots of new additions to its growing list of amenities.
The newly-opened Icelandair Hotel with 63 rooms, is just a 2 minute walk from Akureyri’s popular geothermally heated municipal swimming pool that features two large outdoor swimming pools with temperatures around 28°C along with geothermal hot pots and water slides in the children’s area. The lovely Hotel KEA, right in the centre of town, has been recently renovated and enlarged.

New Museums and Exhibitions
In the Old Town of Akureyri you will find a variety of interesting museums and exhibits. New this year, are the Motorcycle Museum of Iceland and an exhibition of old toys at Friðbjarnarhús in Aðalstræti, both located in this historic part of town.  

Culture, the Arts and Tourist Information
Opened in August 2010, the Hof Cultural and Conference Centre is the latest addition to Akureyri’s growing cultural life, providing a state-of-the-art venue for concerts, the performing arts, conferences, exhibitions, special occasions and events. At the Hof, you will also find Akureyri’s Tourist Information Centre, located just inside the front entrance.

New Hiking and Bike Trails
The Kjarnaskógur Recreational Area, ideal for summer outings, with its many walking paths, playgrounds, picnic areas and barbecue facilities, has recently added several new hiking trails and boasts a new mountain bike trail, the longest in the country.

Stroll through the Fauna and Flora
The Botanical Gardens of Akureyri contains a wide variety of both Icelandic and foreign flora, with new species being added to the collection on a regular basis. Popular with visitors a locals alike, the gardens provide a welcome respite where you can relax and enjoy our wonderful summers in north Iceland.

Festivals and Events
The Summer Festival of the Arts opens with the Midsummer Night Festival on June 23 every year and continues for 10 weeks throughout the summer with concerts, exhibitions, dancing, theatre literature and more. The Annual Hiking Week of Akureyri and surroundings will take place this year on 3 -10 July. Guided walks, ranging from a few hours (easy) to strenuous, such as the ‘24 peaks in 24’ hours will be offered.

Medieval Days at Gásir
A medieval festival will be taking place at Gásir, 11 km from Akureyri, which was the main trading post in Northern Iceland during the Middle Ages. Held on 16.-19. July, Medieval Days is a reenactment of life as it was at Gásir, with medieval markets, food and handicrafts.


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