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Skagafjörður - a Mecca for Food, Horses and Recreation
From the historical importance of Hólar to the isolated beauty of Reykir, the district of Skagafjörður, located in northern Iceland, offers a complete package of culture and natural beauty. Known as the epicentre of Icelandic horse breeding, this district has developed into a well-rounded destination for tourists and, like the horses found in this area, boasts an incomparable spirit not seen in any other part of Iceland.

Forested by birch and pine trees, the region hosts many different species of birds whose sweet summer songs are heard while hiking one of its many winding woodland paths. Skagafjörður’s hiking trails are well-marked, with many routes suitable for less experienced hikers. Avid bird watchers can get guided tours of the best places to spot rare birds like the horned grebe, which sports a red head and builds floating nests near shorelines.

The Food Chest for chefs and diners
Ingredients gathered from the area are incorporated into the local cuisine in the Skagafjörður Food Chest. The concept focuses on the abundance of game, meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruit found in the region and encourages chefs to experiment with recipes using these ingredients exclusively. Several gourmet restaurants in the area have dishes bearing the Skagafjörður food chest label and the list of inventive menu items is always rowing.

Recreation Mecca
Museums like Glaumbaer and Hofsós’ Emigration Centre delve deeper into Iceland’s past as new traditions are forged by pioneering microbreweries and a tannery producing fish leather. Recreation has also expanded in recent years with new golf courses, swimming pools, and boat trips popping up everywhere. Horse shows, riding tours, and visits to breeding farms remain a backbone to the region, with thousands of horse lovers flocking in each year.
Skagafjörður entices more adventurous travellers with canyon rafting trips and excursions into the highlands. Boats explore islands in the fjord that remain relatively untouched by people. Mountains rise up to shelter towns built in their valleys and experienced hikers can try trekking up steep inclines. Whatever your desire its certain that Skagafjörður will fulfill it.

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