Greinasafni: Hótel og gisting
A Stay by the Park
Árból Guesthouse is a beautiful place to stay in Húsavík
On a residential side street of Húsavík, overlooking a gentle stream on the west end of the town park is Árból Guesthouse, a tranquil guesthouse just off the town’s main street. Ten rooms prepared by owner and manager, Auður, await travellers who want to spend a few days whale watching or taking day trips to Mývatn or the National Park which is only forty-five minutes away. Auður often remains at the guesthouse to give visitors tips or chat with them at breakfast, for a hands-on approach.

The three story guesthouse features four rooms per floor with a two bedroom attic recently added on as an expansion. Bedrooms have shared bathrooms with five bathrooms in total for the ten rooms in the hotel. Styled simply, with cushioned wicker chairs and comfortable double beds, the airy rooms are illuminated by sun streaming through large windows on summer days. The two bedrooms in the attic are styled differently from the rest of the house, with wood stained dark honey and a skylight lighting up a shared living room lined with leather couches.

After a big buffet breakfast included in the price of the room, guests can take a peek outside at the well-kept garden and on warmer days, sit out on the backyard patio and listen to the sound of the gently trickling stream. Guests who want to take a short walk can just follow the stream to enter Húsavík’s park. A bit further is a lake with a lot of trout in it. It takes about an hour to walk around it. No fishing permit is required at the lake so visitors can just grab a fishing pole and see if anything is biting.

A Governor to be thankful for
Árból Guesthouse’s three floors were once trod by Húsavík’s governor, who lived there until 1956, and the house acted as the city hall for the district. Known for his kindness and good nature, the former governor used to phone farmers brewing spirits during Icelandic prohibition days if he expected an official visit from his superior. Partiality to locals and exceptions to the rules were considered a norm in this small town’s life. Even though the governor is long gone, he is still remembered in the stories and hearts of the townspeople and Árból remains known for its inner charms and outward grace.

Ásgarðsvegur 2 • 640 Húsavík
+354 464 2220

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