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The Edge of Imagination
Presented by The East Iceland Culture Council 
EDGES is a co-operative effort combining cultural heritage and contemporary art with a view to strengthen local identity in three peripheral regions of the North Atlantic. Participating artists were challenged to find new ways of portraying the shared heritage of East Iceland, Northern Norway and Donegal, Ireland, while fostering a sense of community and cooperation between the coastal regions. The project partners are Vesterålen Regional Council (Norway), East Iceland Culture Council and Donegal County Council Cultural Services and local heritage museums of each country. The participating museum in Iceland is The East Iceland Heritage Museum.

The Edge of the Pier, the Sea, the Imagination
At the core of the project are three museum-based artists’ workshops, each exploring a similar Edge–related theme - The Edge of The Pier (Vesterålen), The Edge of the Sea (Donegal) focusing on sea journeys by Donegal hermit monks and The Edge of the Imagination (East Iceland) which focuses on mythical folklore and beliefs.

The Hidden People
Four young artists, led by artist/actress Halldóra Malin Pétursdóttir, have collaborated on the Icelandic side of the project: Maria McKinney from Ireland, Anja Veronica Hansen, from Norway and Icelanders Hlín Daviðssdóttir and Páll Ivan. The four artists, armed with a large portion of artistic license, have taken the vantage point of the hidden people themselves, shedding light on many aspects of their little understood modus operandi and feelings about humans.

Elves and Fairies
Elves, we learn, are extremely curious about humans, and their biggest fear is that we stop believing in them. In their obsession with the human race, they have been known to ‘borrow’ single socks from us, which they then use as telescopes in order to spy on the world of humans. Fairies in Ireland are into ‘shape shifting’ and frequently assume the body of birds. When a bird is stuffed by a taxidermist, fairies take it as a great compliment and as such are enormously pleased to have been honored in this way. Although elves are allergic to iron, and must wear protective gloves when handling anything made of it, they are fascinated by aluminium, and at least in this exhibition, have papered their walls with the aluminium foil.
Fascinating stuff! But to truly grasp these fanciful revelations you might want to check out the exhibition yourself. The Edge of the Imagination, runs until the 31st of July at the Natural History Museum in Neskaupstaður (weekends only, admission free.)

Well, now I know why I have so many socks missing from my sock drawer!

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