Greinasafni: Hótel og gisting
Rural Romantic Paradise
Hótel Bláfell offers a Vintage Escape in Heavenly Surroundings
In one of Iceland’s numerous fjords on the east coast, a wonderful little oasis lies in wait, ready to embrace travellers with an all-Icelandic cosiness and country romance. This is Hotel Bláfell, a family-owned hotel and restaurant, situated in Breiðdalsvík, a rural paradise cloaked by beautiful mountains and peaceful scenery.
Hotel Bláfell is run by couple Friðrik Árnason and Hrafnhildur Hafsteinsdóttir who have been welcoming guests for years, making it their goal to create a homely atmosphere for people to relax in.

A New Look to the Traditional Village Shoppe

This summer, they have extended their business by converting the village’s old general store into a charming little café, Kaupfjelagið, complete with a souvenir shop, an arts and crafts market selling wool products and various handmade objects by local people, a Tourist Information Centre and wireless Internet. When designing the place, the couple decided to decorate with recycled and vintage finds from the local area representing the history of the house and connecting it to the history of the village, which gives Kaupfjelagið an old fashioned and cosy look. The café menu has light dishes ranging from sandwiches to salads as well as bread and pastry. Everything is homemade, something that has been a trademark of the restaurant at Hotel Bláfell, which prides itself on traditional homemade cooking, using local food from the farmers in the valley and fishermen in the village.

A New Look to the Hotel
The hotel has recently been renovated and is partly constructed from natural wood, which gives it a warm log cabin feel. The rich geological history of the area is shown in parts of the interiors that are made from stones found nearby. The lava in the east fjords is part of the oldest landmass in Iceland, making it rich in semi-precious minerals and stones. Hotel Bláfell has both standard and deluxe rooms with a bathroom, TV and telephone. Downstairs there is a comfortable sitting room with an open fireplace and a wireless Internet free of charge. Also the friendly staff will gladly assist you to make the most of your visit.

Whether you are looking for an invigorating holiday resort in which to unwind in the serenity of nature, or simply longing for a hearty meal as you pass by on your way to many of Breiðdalur’s natural gems in the vicinity of Breiðdalsvík, Hotel Bláfell is sure to leave nothing to be desired.

Hótel Bláfell
Sólvöllum 14 • 760 Breiðdalsvík
+354 475 6770

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