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Elegant Eating
Delicious dishes in the old town of Eyrabakki at Rauða Húsið
What is better than a succulent lunch or a seafood dinner on your travels in the southern part of Iceland? The Rauða Húsið restaurant is renowned for its delicious seafood dishes, not least the fresh lobster. You could even take a special day-trip from Reykjavik to Eyrarbakki.

Old World Village Charm
Eyrarbakki was once one of the most important trading centres in Iceland but has evolved into a charming and tranquil village of less than 600 inhabitants. Many of its houses were built in the early 1900’s and the village has maintained a turn-of-the-century, freewheeling charm and atmosphere. Eyrabakki boasts many beautifully restored fine timber buildings. The oldest of them, The House, built by a Danish Merchant in 1765, now houses the Árnes Folk Museum. Rauða húsið, The Red House, is one of the most beautiful houses in the village, standing by the coastline. Guests will appreciate the sense of history within the restaurant and its ambiance, with its windows and lovely wooden floor. The house is quite spacious and has about 200 seats but is not crowded, making dining both comfortable and suitable for groups. It used to belong to Guðmunda Nielsen. She built its oldest part in 1919, after returning home from Copenhagen where she studied business management. She was considered to be an exceptional lady and opened her retail shop right after building the house. 

Langoustines from the Birthplace of Lobster Fishing in Iceland

Lobster fishing in Iceland was born off the shores of Eyrarbakki in 1954. Icelanders were late to discover the various seafood delicacies. In fact it was not till the mid-20th century that the locals discovered that not only was the small Langoustine lobster edible, it was delicious! 2

Menu Suggestions

One of the most popular dishes besides the lobster which the restaurant is famous for is the Catch of the Day, which consists of three different seafood dishes prepared from the freshest ingredients available: Lobster soup, with a hint of Cognac topped with coriander cream; Oven baked bacalao in olive and tomatconcasse; Seafood trio with mixed vegetables and potato puree. Or you might even like to taste oven-roasted cod with slowly roasted tomatoes and hollandaise sauce. Pair a bottle of fine wine with any of the menu’s offerings and cap it off with one of the Rauða húsið’s signature desserts. Serving a variety of delicious fish and meat dishes, guests will find the restaurant’s cuisine is a nice mixture of both international and Icelandic, but local ingredients figure prominently.

Return to Reykjavik with a Full Stomach

Rauða Húsið is a popular spot for travellers returning to Reykjavik or wanting a pleasant evening trip, as it is just 50 km from the capital, with an easy and beautiful drive.

Rauða Húsið
Búðarstíg 4 • 820 Eyrarbakka
+354 483 3333

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