Greinasafni: Sveitarfélög
Man, the Sea and Nature
The charming town of Sandgerði within reach
Sandgerði is a charming fishing town on the western side of the Reykjanes peninsula which has the Keflavik International Airport within its boundaries. Sandgerði is one of the country’s major fishing communities, with a storied history and loads to see. Rich fishing-grounds are found just off the coast of Sandgerði and in recent years, good harbour facilities have been constructed in the town. In 1986, the community celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Monument to Might
When entering the town, the art monument, Álög, stands dignified on the left side. The monument, made by sculptor Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir, is in honour of seamen and is to remind us of how small and insignificant human existence can be when dealing with the powerful ocean.

Exploring Nature
There are many interesting things to do in Sandgerði and lots of places to visit. No one should miss visiting the Nature Centre called Fraedasetrið, where visitors can learn more about the birds, beaches and sea life of the area in an unusual and exciting way. An exhibition on the life and work of the famous French polar explorer Dr. Jean-Baptiste Charcot is on display at the museum. He died when his vessel, ‘Pourquoi pas?’, sank in a violent storm in Faxaflói Bay, off Mýrar on 16th September 1936. The lighthouse in Sandgerði is one of few of its kind in the country and is a great place to visit. In the northern part of town is Sandgerðistjörn pond, where hundreds of migratory birds gather each spring. The town’s oldest house, after which the town of Sandgerði was named, stands by the pond. The house was erected in 1883. A new road lies south from Sandgerði passing Hvalsnes and Stafnes on to Hafnir village. This offers the possibility of making a round trip of the northern part of the peninsula where there are many beautiful spots to visit, some of which have historical significance.
A great variety of Icelandic handmade souvenirs is on sale at Listatorg souvenir shop and the handcraft workshop Ný-Vídd at Vitatorg. Vitinn and Mamma-Mia restaurants are in walking distance from Vitatorg.

Everyone needs Recreation
A new swimming pool has been opened in Sandgerði with hot tubs and slides for the kids. Then there is also a new and  excellent 18-hole golf course, Kirkjubólsvöllur, with its elegant club house. An impressive camping site with a service building is situated in the town. 


Garðvegur 1 • 245 Sandgerði
+354 423 7551

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