Greinasafni: Hótel og gisting
Stay by the Bay

Hótel Brú offers warmth and comfort
– The Bridge Hotel is situated close to the the town of Borgarnes and the bridge crossing Borgarfjörður bay. Hótel Brú offers guests the homey feeling of warmth and comfort in a cosy atmosphere with a spectacular view over the the bay, the beautiful countryside and, in the distance, Snæfellsjökull volcano and glacier. Owner and chef Veigar Freyr Jökulsson has, in recent months, transformed an older hotel into a charming place where tourists can drop in for a meal at the restaurant or a few nights’ stay in the hotel before continuing on their travels around the country.

‘‘I have been very satisfied with the reception that Hótel Brú has received in recent months. It has also been pleasant how many guests from various countries have visited us and have been impressed with the stay and the food. That makes me feel its all worthwhile,” says Jökulsson.

Visitors are offered a personal and relaxed way to stay. Hótel Brú pro-vides 8 double rooms with made up beds and a bathroom. The rooms are charming and snug with comfy furniture. A hearty breakfast welcomes guests in the morning in the restaurant or out on the lovely balcony overlooking the the bay on the one side and sheltered by the mountain range on the other. Hótel Brú has an excellent restaurant, with its lavish decoration and agreeable atmosphere. The antique style furniture gives the place a nice and classy appearance. A selection of dictionaries decorate one of cabinets.  The food in the restaurant is delicious. The menu provides an Icelandic cuisine with local ingredients from the region. The selection of dishes includes fish, lamb and puffin. The prices are very reasonable.  The casual friendliness of the staff, the laid-back atmosphere and the easygoing buzz among the diners gives the place a nice feel and offers guests an enjoyable stay.  At Hótel Brú, you feel unrushed and at ease - whether you want a good night‘s sleep or a delicious Icelandic meal. The atmosphere, the food and the location makes Hótel Brú a place that should not be missed.

Hótel Brú
Hafnarskógur • 311 Borgarbyggð
+354 437 2345

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