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Keep Your Memories Alive
Viking Souvenir Stores Offer Something to Remember Your Stay By
There are many ways to keep pleasant and joyful memories alive and in ‘The Viking’ you’ll find a whole family lineage which has spent close to six decades finding the best for each visitor in Iceland. For some, it is something as little as a key ring, for others, something as practical as a wool sweater and for yet others, something informative as a book on Iceland. Whatever is your favourite way to keeping your visit to Iceland alive, the family of ‘The Viking’ will help you find it.

Sigurður Guðmundsson, manager of ‘The Viking’, is particularly proud of his heritage. “It has been close to sixty years since my grandfather started the business, which he then handed down to my father and was passed down to me 12 years ago. I take it as a great responsibility to keep the family business up to the standards set by my predecessors. I can safely say that our selection of products is larger and better than ever and that the quality of service is among the best in the business, as it should be, as we have the whole family working in the shops,” says Sigurður.

After taking a look into one of their shops, you’ll see that Sigurður’s boast are not idle words – the stores are literally stuffed with souvenirs and goods. The selection is really too extensive to describe; it ranges from small memorabilia, novelty items, books and clothing, and everything in between.

There are two Viking shops in Reykjavik: at Laugarvegur 1 (look for the giant polar teddy-bears) and Hafnarstræti 1. There are also two shops in Akureyri: one on Hafnarstræti (look for the giant trolls outside) and down by the harbour, as well as a small shop in the old turf farm in Laufás just outside Akureyri. The Viking franchise has also recently expanded to Ísafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland.

The Viking
Laugarvegur 1 • 101 Reykjavik/ Hafnarstræti 3 • 101 Reykjavík
+354 551 1250

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